1 thought on “Justice Saunders Sentencing Remarks at the Hacking Trial

  1. David Bennett

    I didn’t think so. I admired the way he kept the thread of what he had to say so clear.

    These are the bits that interest me. To what was he alluding?

    “Mr. Coulson was not the only person at the News of the World who knew that this activity extended beyond Goodman. Anyone who read the transcript of the proceedings in front of Gross J would have been put on enquiry that others at the News of the World were involved.
    There is no evidence that Mr. Coulson played any part in the cover up that occurred after his resignation.”


    “There is a certain irony in seeing men who pride themselves on being distinguished investigative journalists, who have shed light in dark corners and forced others to reveal the truth, being unprepared to do the same for their own profession. I accept that that would require great courage but the best investigative journalists have never been short of courage.”

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