The government contempt for ordinary people.

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“Doesn’t that say it all for your governments attitude to ordinary people! Repayments of what people were entitled to in the first place as ‘an undeserved windfall’? Feel the contemptuous, sneering, hate in that!”
It’s a criminal government; their good is our bad – because we believe in the rule of law, justice, honesty and decency and all these things are alien to a member of the Conservative-led Coalition government.


  1. creatorsnotconsumers July 6, 2014 at 7:38 am - Reply

    Many thanks Mike.

  2. Jim Drummond July 6, 2014 at 1:15 pm - Reply

    Earlier today I was speaking about the pittance that the Tories have clawed back from benefit claimants (I really detest and hate the use of welfare) with the costs of doing so have spiraled out of all reasonable proportions. On a local level where 0.039% of 469 claimed were found to be fraudulent. The local councils are being forced to spend millions on funding the teams that check 100% of the benefit claims. At the same time they are being forced to reduce manpower ending up with the staff taking separation only coming back in house through agencies. It is an entirely laughable situation but sadly one that my own son does not believe. What his views are makes me worry what his generation will be capable of when their turn comes. Yes 17 year olds are impressionable, he only takes an interest in national news now and then but it seems the propaganda is more far reaching that I had thought. I am not willing to debate or argue with him but I am saddened that some of his humanity has either been lost or has not been able to develop.

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