6 thoughts on “Big Bank Food Speculation: U.K. Blocks Move to End Rising Prices*

  1. Bill Kruse

    So this would be another reason Cameron wants us out of the EU then, to promote unlimited speculation in the rigged markets on food and soon, no doubt, water too by his financial backers. These people are killers no doubt about it. They’re starting to do to us what they’ve been doing to Africa for decades.

  2. philipburdekin

    It would seem that cameron and his cronies are all profiteers and really don’t care about those who have very little or even nothing.

  3. pearson1937

    The manipulative behaviour shown by this Government is so uncaring as to be almost unbelievable! News like this should be circulated by the National Newspapers so that people are better informed.

  4. John

    I am totally unsurprised by this article. Is there any way to find out what the current situation is (the article is over 6 months old)? I knew something like this had been going on in the international commodity markets but have heard little lately.
    The banksters will do anything to make profits at other peoples’ expense, regardless of the amount of misery and destruction they cause in the process.
    Finance capitalism is truly disgusting to witness – unless you are one of those raking it in, of course, and enjoying the champagne life-style.
    Bit by bit, their shady practices are being revealed – Libor, fixing oil prices, fixing gold prices, fixing currency rates, etc. – so I suppose we should be thankful for small advances but I imagine they will find new opportunities to exploit in due course.
    Don’t hold your breath waiting for these people to adjust to earning an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work – it will never happen with these spivs.

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