1. Maria

    good luck to them I say, they failed me with the simplest of things to provide a deaf person to use the phone and help me look for work and left me with out the financial and physical support I need to live never mind have a chance to be independent. I have no hope of helping myself find a job as I tried that one for years and years without success. Good luck to anyone who needs help. As it is I’ve lost my dreams and any hope of working or supporting myself and that has made me quite depressed.

  2. Carla Woods

    Discrimination regarding those blind or partially blind is my thoughts on this persecution yet again to those who are disabled. Oh do people with a disability cope with living when every way they turn they are persecuted. We have less rights than other minority groups.in all areas of life, housing, voting, transport and the list goes on. We are not living in 21st Century as many people would like to think we are as there is discrimination all around us nothing has changed and I very much doubt if it ever will and I doubt campaigning for such rights will only get worse not better.

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