5 thoughts on “Another Government ‘Fag packet’ proposal for Benefit Sanctions & Cuts ?

  1. Timmo

    How can threatening the anxious and/or depressed with harsh benefit sanctions if they don’t submit to treatment that the DWP has decided do anything other than make these poor souls even more anxious and/or depressed? Surely patients have to want help and to be cooperative during treatment for any therapy to succeed? How can anybody be forced to undergo psychoanalysis or cognitive therapy or whatever under threat of homelessness and destitution? Wow! I think the Tories have lost it and should seek professional psychiatric help themselves!

  2. John

    I am not directly affected by these proposals (I am a retied pensioner) but – like you and others – I am highly perturbed by the idea that the state knows better than GPs what is better for their patients.
    I can only suggest that you and your campaigning colleagues contact other main political parties and clarify with them what their stance is on this policy – and then advise everyone you can about their policy stances so that concerned individuals may be guided by the parties’ stances with regard to future voting intentions.

  3. Nik Charles

    The quality of modern NHS care means you wait for 6 months then get a letter that says you must phone them within a week or they assume you no longert need treatment. If you visit someone with depression, one of the most obvious indicators of their current state is how big the pile of unanswered post is. Even when i did get therapy, one hour a week for 10 weeks didn’t even begin to deal with the situation.

    My last 10 sessions were ended early. on week 4 i was asked to read a leaflet on assertiveness. The following week i pointed out that one key point (that you always have the right to say no) was ignorant and dangerous – I was told i would not be given further appointments.

    It concerns me deeply that many people in this vulnerable state may end up much worse off if they fall for this. Benefit statute has a vast number of explanations of what dwp will do if you can be shown to have refused, including this proposal..

    If you are faced with this, ask them “are you qualified to make that medical determination?” DWP do not have staff that can diagnose or prescribe treatment. ATOS employ people qualified as doctors, but they are “acting as” a govt sub-contractor. They do try to sneak in a physical examination, but need informed consent for that bit. They are also cannot diagnose an illness if they happen to find something more than they have been told about

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