1. hstorm

    I think Mr Bone is being a bit optimistic if he expects Thatcher’s latest ‘Nelson’s Eye’ chapter to lead to her being disowned by the modern conservative elite. In the face of embarrassment, their tactic is to deny, and turn the Nelson’s Eye themselves. They use doublethink on so many issues, related to Thatcher or otherwise, what’s one more to them?

  2. jimserac

    THATCHER was the UK’s Reagan, superficially nice but in actuality the mailed fist in the velvet gov.. Just as we in the states are gradually learning the full extent of the disastrous economic consequences of the smiling friendly Uncle Sam Ronnie, so the people of the UK have come to understand the full extent of the foundation for perpetual economic stagnation of the masses while a small group of special interests, corporatistas and the well connected profit mightily.

    There is one “monument” appropriate for both leaders, in giant stone letters…
    “Heads WE win….Tails YOU LOSE” !!!

  3. Kevin Munden

    This bitch knew everything & was as complicit in the whole seedy business as the peadophiles involved

  4. Colin Thompson

    She covered up the unlawful deaths of 96 football fans in an attempt to undermine the working class as crass hooligans, it is unsurprising that she would cover up a bunch of nonces in the commons to keep her governments iron grip in place and maintain the reputation of westminster. She was out for herself and her own social class before the well being of the British people she was supposed to serve. The upper classes think they are a law unto themselves but thatcher and her vile worshippers are the epitome of greed, extravagance, decadence and now depravity. Disgusting.

    1. hstorm

      Couple of small points, Colin. Her stomach-turning posh voice may have suggested otherwise, but Thatcher was not a member of the upper classes. She was a grocer’s daughter and a housewife – lower middle class probably. I’d suggest she was almost a class traitor in fact, given the way she sold out to Big Business.

      And no, she didn’t actually cover-up the real causes of Hillsborough. She was aware of the cover-up, and once again turned a blind eye – which is quite bad enough – but there is no evidence at all that she took any active part in it, nor is there any aspect to the cover-up that particularly needed her help to make it work. (Please do not invoke the “Thatcher Quote” in response to that, by the way. It is NOT genuine.)



  5. mandy worsley

    well said maybe at last the working class will see her and the rest them for what they are, he’s hoping….

  6. Colin M. Taylor

    It’s now obvious why she was able to hold onto power for so long; nobody dared challenger her; she knew all their grubbily little secrets and they knew it

  7. Jemima Williams

    She destroyed the Welsh Mining industry and life as it was known in the Valleys. So many families suffered. – Their spirits were bent, but NEVER broken!

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