2 thoughts on “IDS – doing what Cameron wants him to do.

  1. marcusdemowbray

    I can think of two reasons why IDS has kept his job.

    1) Although all Tories tacitly support the attacks on Disabled and Unemployed, they all know that IDS has made a huge mess and none of the others will take the job.

    2) Tory Grandees know that Camoron is now seriously “damaged goods” and might have to go after the next election. Osborne in line to take over. Both must be “protected” from being associated with the mess IDS has created. If/when any more bad DWP news appears, Cameron and/or Osborne can sack IDS and look like they have taken appropriate action. Moving him in a Cabinet re-shuffle would look like admitting IDS has failed and Cameron’s bad judgement will yet again be publicly on show.

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