The myth of the ‘Inherited Mess’

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This was reblogged with the following message from its author, Steve Walker: “Ken Clarke and other now ex-ministers, interviewed following their ‘reshuffling’ in David Cameron’s desperate attempt to show he’s doing something, anything, fell back as usual on the outright lie that they’re supporting the government’s efforts to undo the ‘economic mess’ left by the last Labour government. This lie has been repeated so many times that it has become ‘received wisdom’ in spite of the fact that it is patent nonsense. So please read and share this post that I’m reblogging. It desperately needs to percolate into the public consciousness.”

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  1. John July 16, 2014 at 12:04 am - Reply

    Those of us who take the slightest interest have known this for years.
    The article graph shows just how much the banks were in the hole and I can recall Gordon Brown bringing senior bankers and politicians together and banging their heads till it hurt and they agreed to bale out the private banking sector at public expense to avoid another 1930s-style scenario engulfing the world.
    Balls, Miliband and others among the leading ranks of the Labour Party know this too so why have they chosen not to rebut the Tory lie?
    Is it that they believe they will win the next general election regardless as to anything the Tories or Libs say and that they want to use the same excuse to buttress their own austerity policies after 2015?

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