This government has been a disaster for disabled people – by Kate Green

Have to admit she lost me after she said Labour will reform the Work Capability Assessment “to make it fit for purpose”. This is, of course, impossible as it is a system designed by a criminal US insurance corporation, to justify refusing the benefit to disabled people. Where does she talk about throwing Unum out of the DWP?
That would be progress.

5 thoughts on “This government has been a disaster for disabled people – by Kate Green

  1. Joanna

    Is it at all possible to throw Unum out of the uk? They are sure to cause a huge stink and cost more money by fighting bac!

    Also I think after 5 years of this dangerous lot, it would be very difficult to set things right as quickly as we would like it. I like to think the policies are a tentative step in the right direction.

  2. Horrified

    Note that as well as the abusive WCA Labour also intend to retain:

    – The Work Programme for the Disabled
    (an IDS atrocity that even Labour had not planned!)

    – The cruel and unmitigated disaster of PIP

    – Coercion over Compassion

    – Demonising the disabled as workshy scoungers, criminals and cheats
    (the only possible reason for ANY coercion and compulsion)

    So all Labour has to offer the disabled is more betrayal, more needless deaths, no dignity and NO HOPE.

    If Labour has any respect for the disabled, and wants the deaths to stop, all they have to do is reinstate IB and DLA, remove all coercion from anyone whose own doctors have told them they are unfit to work. There are NO jobs out there for any of us anyway, while there is a massive standing army of young, able bodied umemployed.

    What will it take to make this nightmare stop and reinstate the minimal support for our human rights and protection of our lives, that were built in to the old disability benefits system before Labour kicked off the cull of the disabled with their 2007 ‘reforms’?

    1. Florence

      Agreed. The original conditions for return to work under the IB rules was sensible, realistic, and most of all workable. No-one would be forced or coerced, no-one would loose benefits for trying, and wanting to try to work was encouraged but not done with unrealistic pressure. I had several interviews on IB where it was “floated” about return to work, and my assessment was always respected.

      PIP too is an unmitigated disaster, unless you consider it as a mechanism to deny benefits to those most vulnerable. There can be no tinkering worthwhile for it.

  3. Thomas M

    Labour is not much better then the Tories, and the real left wing parties are very small.

  4. Simon Mountford

    The government are not interested in disabled people no matter how mild or severe your disability is because they don’t take you needs or concerns into consideration they just use the IDS strategy that has come about since his running of the department of work and pensions. That the assumption that everyone is the same and can do any job; this is not the case and that they have closed all the organisations that used to support people who had learning disabilities or difficulties due there austerity programme, were people who used have the money there for supporting others are no longer available due to this governments program. All most of us want is a job with a little support to be able to work and stay in employment.But it seems that they are only interested in statistics even though there are very little job creation or jobs for us to get into and with continuity. So when will the government start to listen too what disabled people actually want rather than listen to IDS rhetoric and his statistics because we has disabled don’t seem to be getting the chances that should be out there, as the government says we are coming out of recession.

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