3 thoughts on “Cleggs opens up bedroom tax debate and confirms he is an idiot!

  1. philipburdekin

    I think they are pretending to vote against but when you think of cameron wanting to get the UN involved in the ukrain troubles, they’ll be needing a few extra bob and the best place to get it is from us weaklings, who can’t protect ourselves from our protectors, the sick and disabled, poor, pensioners and the unemployed, that where the extra few bob is coming from. BSTARDS

  2. Thomas M

    If the Lib Dems had always been against the bedroom tax it would never have got off the ground. This is just a weak attempt to get votes, now that the political Grim Reaper is coming for them. It’s too late, a lot of Lib Dem careers are going to be ended by the voters in 2015.

  3. colin thompson

    This artical proves two things 1) this government relies on the skewing of figures to justify its cruel attacks on those they stereotype as leeches and unworthy of help, and 2) that the liberals are weak kneed followers who traded all of the principles they stood for in exhange for a taste of power. Being part of one of the most oppressive and tyranical british regimes in living memory they have proven themselves to be neither ‘liberal’ or ‘democratic’. The absolute opposite in fact. How cleg and co sleep at night for selling out their beliefs is beyond me.

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