2 thoughts on “A Mother’s Appeal For Help- Disability Hate Crime

  1. Simon Lee Mountford

    I must say that I am sorry to here about your son but I am too disabled and it is history repeating itself as the government are not at all interested, and when you try to get help no one will take your needs or concerns into consideration And due to austerity there is little time for people with disabilities as they classify you as a burden on society. This also includes the general members of the public, as they to have very little time to see you and your issues. There just seems to be a lot of negativity which has got to change and this inturn then will bring about a bit more of an understanding to people with disabilities, as I do disability awareness to the emergency services to try to break down the barriers,and i hope that you get the people who did this to your son, but tell him to get on the campaign issues and see if this brings about change.

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