Shameless – Workfare Exploiting Charities Slam The Benefit Sanctions They Are Responsible For

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Shameless is exactly the right word for this. Relevant addresses are at the bottom of the article if you would like to make your opinions known.


  1. Tracy Kenny July 25, 2014 at 9:39 pm - Reply

    I had my ESA stopped 2 years ago and have been told I can’t reclaim but also been told I can’t claim jsa as I’m unfit to work ..I take over 25 tablets per day coz of my illnesses I cant walk far and I rely in a mobility scooter ..I have to attend hospital doctors appointments yet I can’t afford the travel fare ..I’m a diabetic to and cannot afford new glasses as I don’t get no money doctors give me sick notes and I send them into the dwp can I afford medicines and other vital stuff when iv been told I’m fit for work yet I’m not ?! I’m depressed over this situation and some times I think life ain’t worth living does this government intend to help people like me who are genuinely ill every day of there life’s ..please someone tell me ..some one need to get out within the public and see for them selfs what sick people are going through each and every day ..surely my doctor wouldn’t give me sick notes if she thought I was fit for work ..atos had screwed this country over with the present GOVERMENT I hope your all happily sat on your fat arses in big houses and daily meals coz I’m certainly not ..Tracy Kenny Manchester

    • jeffrey davies July 26, 2014 at 7:53 am - Reply

      tracy ther very many like you fightig this injustice of this government but why dont you join us on and learn how to fight back against these injustices that cemoran and co are giving out jeff3

  2. jeffrey davies July 26, 2014 at 7:58 am - Reply

    when a charity trades in the slave market trading in slaves then it has no right to call itselfs a charity has its now taking blood money of a corrupt government but they sais they dont sanction them but i ask who picks that phone up to inform the jcp dwp little tommy hasnt turned up and now goes cap in hand begging because his benefit was sanctioned has of this christian charity were they forget the basic of christianity is helping not trading in bodies yet they tell you otherwise jeff3

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