Dying of cancer? Work or starve: the end of the welfare state – Pride’s Purge

There are now numerous cases of terminally sick cancer patients being told by the DWP they are unable to receive sickness benefit because they are supposedly ‘fit for work’, writes Tom Pride in Pride’s Purge.

The latest victim of the coalition government’s slashing of help and support for the sick, disabled and dying was Chris Smith, a plumber from Leicester with terminal cancer who died last month:

Fit for work?

Help for the sick and disabled in the UK has now effectively disappeared and the welfare state – in England and Wales at least – has already gone.

Tom supports this with a list of articles providing proof that “sick people – even cancer patients – are now regarded as malingerers”. Read it on his site.

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5 thoughts on “Dying of cancer? Work or starve: the end of the welfare state – Pride’s Purge

  1. Simon Lee Mountfrod

    You can say that the government has forgot about any of us as disabled people as IDS and all his crones are only interested in figures and number to please them at the top in downing street. Its not about people any more its you are a figure or number rather than a person and this has become the norm from your doctors appointments your first port of call but you are treated as a number to hospital appointments. And the government are not interested in peoples feelings neither and this does not matter if you are young or old today and your local MP only tows the line if they are a Conservative MP, because they are only interested in the top five percent the people in this country that have the money. the rest of society will just have to struggle until we get the chance to vote with our feet and finally get rid of the Conservative government.All they have done is the same as the Iron Lady did all those years ago, by making peoples lives very hard for those who live north of Watford gap. The Conservative government will one day abolish pensions if they get there way next because we will be expected to work from cradle to grave to get the deficit down, and they will expect the sick and disabled and ill to participate in these reforms to do any job and if you don’t you will not receive no benefits. It is like the comment said you are better of (in work than out of work,) that also depends on if there are loads of jobs out there for the unemployed can go for and were you live in the country.

  2. Mr.Angry

    I cant find words to describe these tory b*****ds my heart goes out to his family, this so called government has to be held to account, it’s happening on a daily basis and the media are suppressing what is actually going on. My sincere condolences to his family I really really wholeheartedly hope that those concerned get their comeuppance.

    They are murdering their fellow men and this beyond all reasonable doubt is genocide by the control of the media and back door method and the taxpayer is supporting it.

    I cannot find any more words to describe this atrocity.

  3. Stephen Paul Tamblin

    I am on the sick after I was made redundant ever since then I have vascular dementia and hernia and depression and panic attacks and high clesterole and muskquler problems because of my memory loss and dementia every day is a reel struggle half the time I don’t know what I am doing come to St Dennis cornwall camoran to see what people think of you there is no way Torys will win next year the only priminister never to be alected come on Scotland say yes

  4. luke

    I’ve been fighting the dwp for two years. I have had to live in poverty for being disabled, the appeals process and judges are all corrupt, atos nurses who are only qualified to empty a bed pan’s words are taken over experienced consultants, surgeons, and years of hospital records and letters, they lie to make you look like a scrounger, the court tribunal service is one-sided not impartial and uses atos reports against you they rip you to shreds and also call you a liar, i have started to think if the law does not apply to them why should it apply to me? If it gets to the point I am forced into unsuitable work making me even more ill and worked to death, I think I should take up a career in robbing the rich, I think I could just about lift and shoot a shotgun at someone. If you’ve got nothing to lose and would rather be dead then why not, it’s the greedy pigs at the top who are profiting from us sole scum, and from the disabled who the Tories think should be executed at birth to save them money.

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