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camsslIn his continued quest to place the majority of the British population into economic slavery, Cameron announced his intention to tighten welfare reforms which would force people to take low paid jobs.

Having not quite grasped the fact that many of his government’s welfare reforms so far have placed working people into very difficult economic situations – often costing them their homes and responsible for breaking up families – deluded Cameron thinks that further tightening of the welfare system, as well as controlling immigration, is a good thing.

We have already seen the way ‘employment figures’ have been manipulated by the government. The so-called jobs they say they have created are often on zero-hour contracts, part time, or minimum waged positons. It is fact that Cameron and his cronies have done nothing to create a sustainable environment where there are real opportunities for people seeking work.

In real terms the value of wages has dropped dramatically since the Conservative dominated government has been in power while the true cost of living has sky-rocketed – no thanks to welfare reforms and uncontrolled energy prices.

Promoting his anti-EU message, Cameron’s speech at a CBI conference in London included a ‘commitment’ to curbing immigration (including citizens of other EU countries) to ‘tens of thousands’ wherever they come from.

We have heard the same before, and so far the Conservatives have failed to meet their pre-election pledge on immigration.

Cameron said that tighter immigration controls must be matched by reforms to the UK’s welfare and education systems to enable British workers to fill the jobs currently done by foreigners.

However, another fact that he seems unable to grasp is that many immigrants are able to live extremely cheaply in the UK and move around to seek employment so they can save money to take home, where the cost of living is much cheaper. All things are far from equal when comparing foreign workers to UK citizens.

The UK has one of the lowest minimum wages in Europe, and has one of the highest costs of living.

Cameron’s speech is ridiculous in the extreme, and is something we are seeing and hearing much more of from government and Conservative cronies. Last week George Osborne was caught-out over the alleged EU bill where he claimed to be some kind of saviour – the truth was very different.

It is not immigration or foreign workers taking jobs that is the problem. It is the abominable governing of the country since 2010 which has failed to create an environment where employees are valued and where companies are encouraged to create real working opportunities.

Instead of progressing along an evolutionary path we see a return to times when employees were nothing but fodder to make the rich richer – that is the situation we are clearly in today. The rights of employees (and citizens in general) have gradually been eroded and the ability to protest or take meaningful action in response to a worse than useless government have all but disappeared.

Until we see a radical change in thinking of any future elected government, we will see more low-paid, temporary employment with little or no opportunity.

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11 thoughts on “Cameron setting the scene for more slave labour – Order of Truth

  1. Tony Dean

    You can’t force anyone to take a job, unless you force an employer to offer them one, and I would love to see ANY government attempt to do that.

  2. Thomas M

    So far the Tories in general have…

    -destroyed the power of the trade unions
    -introduced fees for tribunals which mean that it often costs too much money to use them
    -abolished legal aid, so those with cases against their employers have to bring them by themselves against trained lawyers
    -taken benefits away from the sick and disabled and then made them work for a tiny amount of money, end up homeless or even die
    -made protests outside Parliament illegal
    -tried with limited success to censor the internet
    -stirred up racism and stirred up hatred against disabled people
    -Induced the Liberal Democrats to de facto destroy themselves in the eyes of the voters.
    -taxed the bedrooms of the disabled and poor who can least pay the tax
    -sold off council homes without replacing them
    -And now want to bring in euthanasia, and probably try and make it mandatory for the disabled

  3. Rupert Mitchell (@rupert_rrl)

    You have to remember Mike that the Tories are terrified of losing low paid workers.

    The only way that they could continue living their luxurious lifestyles is through having the benefit of almost free serfs to do their hard work. A very good example is the TV programme “You can’t get the Staff” which portrays the ignorance of common politeness and decency. If such ghastly people had not been born with huge privileges (nearly always provided originally by their forebears having the power to abuse workers) they would not have the intelligence to survive.

    This is a low class which needs to be left behind in the dark ages and we need to comport ourselves in today’s enlightened world with intelligence and dignity not false pride.

  4. Bill Kruse

    Employees can’t make the rich richer unless they’re properly paid. They can’t buy products if they aren’t earning sufficient. What Cameron’s proposing is to further shrink the economy by reducing demand. I refuse to believe he isn’t aware of that so we must look elsewhere for his motives in so saying. The book ‘Tragedy and Hope’ by former economic advisor to President Clinton Carroll Quigley suggests the banks, through controlled politicians, are working towards the creation of a society of oligarchs and serfs. One of my chums, formerly a high-ranking civil servant who quit in disgust, tells me they are indeed working towards this, and he’d be in a position to know. If you look at what Cameron’s saying in that light, he does indeed make sense. The way to fight this withdrawal of money is to create regional currencies and local farms. The best book I know on local currencies is ‘People Money’ by, among others, the late Margrit Kennedy. Everyone capable should be getting a copy and absorbing the lessons therein. This includes you Mike!

  5. Smiling Carcass

    The Tories are well known for their ethos of maintaining a pool of unemployed labour to devalue it.

    Where there is a surplus of a commodity, labour included, its value and thus cost generally decreases.

    Full employment would give the labour market a rarity value and thus wages would increase.

    Definitely what they don’t want.

  6. Mr.Angry

    Mike your last highlighted paragraph is so true, the next government must make radical changes for the masses. This shower have just kicked the wind out of the weakest amongst us and left many destitute and hungry and dying and don’t give two hoots. In fact they appear to be enjoying what they are doing and are out and out liars.

    I have read in your previous articles some of Labour’s proposals for change which appear to be for the better.

    I do feel Ed must drive these changes through making the public aware of their intentions if they are to win next year with a vengeance.

    Many are doubtful as to what to expect should Labour gain power, I speak with many who are not sure what Ed’s plans are which is not good for the party.

    He needs to shout it from the rooftops, given the state of the country with the present shower this should be a walk over for Ed. It’s time to get the boxing gloves on time is running out.

  7. jaypot2012

    To do anything in the first place you need the people of the UK to actually stand up and do something. Come on, in all honesty, are the people really doing enough.
    If the poor withheld their cheap labour, and the forced slaves downed tools, with other things going on at the same time, who is going to police it all? Cameron and his goons forget that there is life outside of London and if all that life came together then this so called government would collapse.

  8. Harry

    Cameron is looking increasingly like one Cooper Duff: A relation of his, that actually looks very like him, and who, like him, was a warmonger, that resigned from the Cabinet because of Chamberlains oft misunderstood efforts to make a lasting peace with Germany. Duff wanted war, a classic neocon by any measure. One cannot escape the comparison of these two warmongering Neocons.

    I would have thought that the action of permitting Lockheed Martin to manage the intrusive and highly unlawful last census should have given insight to the advent of the Prison Industrial System based upon the US model. The information given (by idiots) on these census forms are tantamount to a CV. Coupled with companies like Sodexo, Wackenhut, along with a system of laws that have effectively criminalised everything and anything, we see a clear template for the gulag state. Predatory US companies like Raytheon, Lockheed, Boeing etc use prison labour extensively already in the US, now the Brit establishment are incrementally bringing about Victorian Britland redux, complete with all the trimmings.

    I fail to comprehend why our people are not fuming over these the actions of the lord of the flies club house in Westminster. Perhaps that is why the Don Broon of Kirkaldy ordered the EU lamposts without cross spars: To make summary justice more difficult when the time comes.

  9. Charles Loft

    Just by way of information, Britain has been THE very most expensive place to live Europe for some very considerable time now. Also, four parts of Britain, Cornwall, the Welsh Valleys, parts of West Pembrokeshire and North East Yorks/Durham/Northumberland are AS poor as the very poorest parts of Europe in Bulgaria and Romania. Also, and one politicians particularly hate to tell us is that MOSTof the UK is poorer or very much poorer than comparable parts of Europe.

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