What on earth was going on with George Osborne at PMQs? – Independent


He’s in charge of the nation’s finances and tasked with steering the UK economy clear of recession. So I think we’re all entitled to ask – what exactly was going on with George Osborne at Prime Minister’s Questions today? – according to The Independent.

Sat next to David Cameron with his hair, tie, collar and frankly face all slightly askew, the Chancellor’s appearance got people on Twitter more animated than anything that was actually said in an otherwise dire Commons exchange.


With the #CameronMustGo campaign still going strong after five days, the PM will no doubt be happy for anything to take the heat off.

The image at the top of this article shows the look Osborne was going for – decide for yourself quite what it all means.

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37 thoughts on “What on earth was going on with George Osborne at PMQs? – Independent

    1. annicariad

      If you or i turn up for work “a bit wasted”, it’s a lack of respect, for ourselves and the people who pay our wages….however, if the chancellor of the exchequer does the same, its time serious questions were asked. We’re in the s**t, in this country, and need someone to pull us out of it, this man looks in no fit state to do any such thing, he can’t even focus, ffs!

  1. Mr.Angry

    I can’t believe I’ve just watched this, serious questions need answers here. I have witnessed similar facial movements with someone with severe addiction problems. I truly believe this man should undergo a toxicology test. This may reveal the reasons for his failures, he has had a past history one which he went to great lengths to keep under wraps.

    This really is serious, he is purportedly running the nations economy which is in a complete shambles.

    I trust this is not trick photography, can this be viewed on PMQ?

      1. Mr.Angry

        Thanks Mike, yes watched on TV it’s true he off his trolley and the chap on the right of DC kept looking at him looking quite concerned and rightly so. Gideon’s eyes could not focus and he kept licking lips, sipping water and gazing at the ceiling, definitely something adrift here.

        I hope a newsgroup makes a meal of this.

    1. Tony

      I’ve got absolutely no time for the man, but I too wonder if he might have had a stroke, or transient ischemic attack (TIA). I think he should have a thorough medical – for his own sake, certainly, but the nation’s as well!

  2. hilary772013

    He looks spaced out to me he’s either very ill or on drugs, either way this man is in charge of the Nations finances and should not be allowed to work in that condition be it through illness or drugs he should be tested for both. If I had turned up for work in that condition I would have been sent home straight away. He needs to seek help or be made to seek help.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      No – whoever was controlling the cameras cottoned onto what was going on and cut it out.

    2. HomerJS

      Having just watched the clip, I noticed that the MP on the other side of Cameron kept looking at Osborne. Don’t know whether it was curiosity or concern, but he did though seem to have a bit of a smirk at Osborne’s expense.

  3. aturtle05

    How do we get one of the least loved 650 people in the country to call for a vote of No Confidence on the most hated 22?

  4. Tim

    If Osborne had an active sex life I would have assumed that he’d been “active” shortly before PMQs and looking a bit post-coital. But of course him being him this is a laughable impossibility… unless pleasuring yourself manually is thrown into the mix.

  5. Florence

    Obviously having a psychotic episode after the devastating criticism from the Oxford economist (featured here yesterday) which labelled him “dumb” and “dumber”, incompetent, incomprehensible actions, incoherent policy, etc.

    He’s not up to the job, and at last someone with gravitas has gone public.

    Mumbling to himself, lolling eyes, salivation problems, he’s obviously taken refuge in something to numb the pain. To think he gets invited to the Bilderberg group! (Perhaps they let him serve the nibbles at parties?)

    any suggestion that if he’s ill he deserves some sympathy, I would point out that the front bench have actually killed sick people with their “austerity” and bombarded us with propaganda to vilify the ill. All I can say, if he is ill, then right back atcha’ matey.

      1. Ian Duncan

        Well hopefully he’ll get persistent herpes scabs, then?

        It looks to me like he’s totally mashed, I think we have every right to demand a drugs test be taken. Imagine what would be happening in the media now if it was Ed Miliband?

  6. aussieeh

    Many a night before disabilty struck me down I’d had a good night out, sometimes far too good. Got home, stumbled upstairs prancin & a dancin got kicked out by the missus and woke up on the back seat of the car the next morn, or a couple of hours later, looking just like that.Cause, a bit of Columbian marching powder quite a few spliffs, and half a firkin of ale. Those were the days.

  7. philipburdekin

    He needs help from somewhere BUT I don’t know where or what’s wrong with him, he does look off his head though lol. He better not put in for ESA or DLA , ids won’t allow it lol.

  8. Mr.Angry

    Most athletes have to undergo drug tests, I think the roll of the exchequer is far more significant having control of a countries finances, does anyone agree Gideon such be tested given this performance, it could save the country from further destruction if proved positive.

  9. hugosmum70

    has anyone noticed the colour of his skin?that’s not a healthy colour at all. that he has lost a fair bit of weight.look at his wrists. mine are skinny but his are like sticks. just saying.

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