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Last week, Tom over at Pride’s Purge posted a piece on a virulent, genocidal rant against Muslims published on Youtube by an angry White man as a message to David Cameron, writes The Beast.

As its author in the first few moments of his rant said that UKIP would ‘sort out’ David Cameron, Mr Pride’s post about it took the title, ‘The Party Political Broadcast UKIP Don’t Want You to See’. Some of the commenters on the Proud One’s blog pointed out that there was no obvious connection to UKIP beyond this opening comment, and that it may not have come from Farage’s party at all. That’s correct, but it does show that the poster of the original video nevertheless does see UKIP and its anti-immigration policies as defending White Britons from the threat of foreign, and particular, Muslim immigration.

UKIP and the Anti-Islamic Far Right

And certain UKIP politicians do have close personal connections to the anti-Islam far right. Apart from those with connections to the English Defence League and Britain First, a year or so ago one UKIP councillor in Wiltshire ended up being censured after he made comments supporting the twisted ‘Eurabia’ ideas of the Far Right. ‘Eurabia’ is the name given to the future Europe, which the Far Right believes will arise a few decades from now, when Muslim immigration and their higher birth rate cause the Islamic population to outnumber indigenous White Europeans. There are some very nasty videos on the web by the Far Right predicting a war between Islam and its supporters in the European Left, and White nationalists. In fact, there’s plenty of material by sociologists, demographers and political scientists refuting this whole prediction. A friend of mine looked at the demographic projections behind it and concluded that they were rubbish. Nevertheless, there are videos about it posted with the intention of recruiting people to the White nationalist cause. One of these was the Kipper counsellor, who similarly appeared to believe that a war was coming in the ’20s between Muslim and White non-Muslim.

The video reblogged by Tom was nasty, vile stuff. Its author didn’t just want to ban Muslim immigration, he actively wished to see them expelled. He then ranted about how he wanted to go down to the coast if he could and shoot Muslim immigrants as they came to shore. Now under current legislation, it is an offence to stir up racial hatred, which this video clearly intended to do. I understand that one blogger was so concerned about it, that he alerted the police. He’s right to do so.

Possibly more than one blogger alerted the police, then, as the Beast’s brother (Yr Obdt Srvt) did the same. It created an interesting situation in Vox Towers as the house played host to a succession of uniformed callers, prompting Mrs Mike to wonder whether the neighbours thought we were being busted for a crime ourselves.

It seems Special Branch are very interested in the gentleman(?) in the video. Vox Towers is now the proud home of a book on how to cope with being the victim of hate crime (“I’m not the victim!” must have been said at least half a dozen times but…) and several anti-theft devices from Victim Support (“I’m not a– oh, what’s the use?”).

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4 thoughts on “White Supremacism, Militant Islam, and the Rhetoric of Genocide – Beastrabban\’s Weblog

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      It broke the law – Public Order Act 1986, incitement to commit racially-motivated violence (in my opinion).

    2. Paul James

      Anything posted against Government policy can be seen as Hate Crime, More so if its against Muslims, Police will use ” Terrorist Laws” The idiot who posted this material is looking at up to 5 years in prison. The law comes down very heavy on this type of crime, Its a stupid thing to post on line, The UK is NOT a Free speech Country.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        I beg to differ. It is a free speech country – it’s just not a hate speech country.

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