Is the Coalition Government forcing YouTube to take down critical videos?


A video in remembrance of sick and disabled persons, who died because of Britain’s draconian welfare reforms, has been removed from YouTube, disability rights campaigner Samuel Miller tells us.

He adds that another comprehensive video list of British welfare-related deaths has also been removed from the YouTube video site.

Here at Vox Political we can only echo his question:

Did the British government demand that YouTube remove these videos?

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24 thoughts on “Is the Coalition Government forcing YouTube to take down critical videos?

  1. Mr.Angry

    Where is Youtube based and have they some legal control over them, I thought it was abroad somewhere ?

    This appalling but what else can we expect from a dictatorship governement

  2. Jeffery Davies

    Shamefull shamefull shamefull lot they all now whot
    they achieved by their killing of the stock but little by little
    its getting out that they have killed many by their methods
    to ashamed now so they have it taken down jeff3

    1. Paul C. Dickie

      As usual, the kakistocrats have not yet learned the salient lesson of the fate of King Canute. The video had been copied and uploaded to another channel a year ago and, now, I’ve uploaded it to my own channel.

      1. Paul C. Dickie

        The video was blocked by a copyright claim by SME, who assert that they own the copyright of the soundtrack. Rather than merely blocking the audio, YouTube blocked the entire video.

        I’m now trying to find an alternative soundtrack…

  3. Techno

    The first one says “This video is not available in your country”.

    According to Google, the two reasons for this are:

    1. Video owners have chosen to make their content available only to certain countries (usually due to licensing rights)
    2. YouTube may block specific content in order to comply with local laws

    Did the user use copyrighted video or audio in their video? Or did the video contain material that is illegal in Britain, but not in other countries?

    Note that, due to Britain’s draconian libel laws, Google can be sued in a British court for carrying libellous material. I think it likely that a video on this subject may contain claims against somebody that risk Google getting a libel action.

  4. stilloaks

    Just over a year ago made the video about the poor souls taken from us too soon.
    It was called In Memory Of….
    There has been a recent resurgence of views on the video, partly I suspect because of recent articles, posted by Jaynelinney, Mike Sivier and Black Triangle.
    Recently I went to check the number of hits the video had been receiving and was greeted with the message “This video is not available in your country.”
    I logged into the account to find out why.
    Youtube have removed it for copyright violation, because of the music used, (Barbers Adagio for Strings) This is correct the music is indeed copyright.
    So why did they leave it up for a year before removing it?
    The last video I put up on youtube that contained copyright material, was removed within minutes.
    The music that was used in the making of “In Memory Of…” was originally sourced from youtube and is still available on youtube as it has been for the last two years!
    Quite clear to me then, that the video was not removed from youtube, because of copyright on the music. This is the type of video that our never elected corporatist rulers do not want people to watch.
    As always I had one of my severe allergic reactions, to being told what I can and can not do.
    The video is now available to watch here….
    I would like to respectfully ask everyone to share the link with any and all they can think of.
    If this video has, as I suspect hit a nerve amongst our never elected rulers, then we owe it to those poor souls lost to the sadistic welfare cuts, to keep jabbing that nerve.
    Please share, please download and re-host it, anything you can think of.
    A full updated list of those poor souls taken from us too soon can be found here.

  5. Gen William Taggart

    Just checked it via proxy in the USA, it is still there, it is however blocked from access in the UK.

    To be honest the content is a lot milder than on many websites concerning this subject. Personally if it was my content I would be challenging Google to give and explanation as to why that content is being Blocked from the UK.

    As it is not (yet) unlawful to challenge UK Government policy.

  6. Gen William Taggart

    When they restricted this video to mainly the United States. Google placed it under the patronage of the United States. Thus the US Constitution, therefore you have a Right to know why your constitutional right to the Freedom of speech is being limited. Even if you are not a US citizen.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Links are in the article – the one you mention isn’t one of them, and I’m grateful that you have brought it to public attention here.
      Whoever it is, they haven’t deleted everything!

  7. Gracie

    There was once a video of David Cameron talking to an audience, where he was demanding that Gordon Brown *reduced* banking regulation not increased it. This was in reply to the time when Brown was trying to persuade other countries to increase banking regulations. I had this video saved but it disappeared and I kept getting an error message. I then tried to access it on YouTube but found it had disappeared from there too, there several people who had it posted but they all disappeared too!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Interesting. One good aspect is that we all know this happened; it is recorded history.

  8. Anna Savage

    Don’t be disheartened. Challenge this.. and Keep posting the evidence… There are plenty of other sites where you/ we can post videos.. Disabled people will not be silenced. The people will not be silenced.

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