BBC QT audience member who attacked Russell Brand is UKIP MEP’s brother – Pride’s Purge


I’ve written before about how the BBC seems to be encouraging UKIP activists to pretend to be ordinary members of the audience on Question Time, writes Tom Pride.

Well, it now seems that a member of last night’s BBC QT audience – the one who accused Russell Brand of being all mouth and told him to stand as an MP – is the brother of Farnborough-born UKIP MEP James Carver:

Man who clashed with Russell Brand on BBC Question Time is UKIP MEP’s brother.

Tom reckons the BBC isn’t allowing UKIP activists to be planted in audiences to improve that party’s standing politically, but because it makes entertaining television. What do you think?

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17 thoughts on “BBC QT audience member who attacked Russell Brand is UKIP MEP’s brother – Pride’s Purge

  1. ladyfreebird750

    I would have to say as a plant he is more Mr Potato head than cabbage. No wonder Farage looked so smug when he was barracking Brand, he knew exactly who he was.

    The question should have been why has politics become nothing but smoke and mirrors and piss poor illusions.

    The same repetitive questions, immigration, education and the NHS, all important. it is just shameful however that BBCQT acts in the same way the well heeled act on seeing a beggar.. Pretending it doesn’t exist, constantly ignoring the national shame that is food poverty. As for the totally inept running of the DWP, the lengthening waiting lists for benefits, bedroom tax and sanctions they are so large a white elephant in the room as to render themselves invisible..

  2. casalealex

    When the audience arrive for BBC QT they are asked to write a question which is then given in and a decision is made on which will be asked in the programme. I have been twice and it is the same each time. However, when I went, I do not recall the audience actually shouting down the panel of speakers. Last night it was obvious that Nige was smugly elated when that guy had a go at Russell. Now that we know he was a plant, it makes me even more suspicious that Nige, who is not even an MP or a comedian, has had more regular air time on BBC than others.

    1. casalealex

      ps. Whilst the plant was allowed to have the floor, extolling the ‘virtues’ of Nige, who displayed such offensive satisfaction, a woman decided to stand up for Russell, and Nige smirkingily said to Russell, “You’ve got some voters here mate, you ought to stand, these are your voters. They’re lovely people, aren’t they? They’re lovely people!” Showing his utter condescension for anyone who does not agree with him.

  3. Guy Ropes

    It’s the BBC wots chooses the questions. Perhaps the Labour, Lib Dem and Tory members of the audience are unable to formulate worthwhile questions. We can take it as read then that the UKIP supporter has never at any time been a member of the BNP – otherwise you would have told us. Just saying.

  4. AJ

    You could smell the anger and betrayal in the words of this man. The Alf Garnetts or the working class Tories have finally realised the Tories have been having a large laugh at their expense. So they turn to UKIP a party even more Tory.

  5. Dirk Madden

    He was a ukip supporter who had something to say, and he commented as a reaction to what being said by the panelists, unlike the blue haired troll/ gonk or whatever you choose to call her, incidentally Brand later called her a ”that mad, lovely women with the blue hair”….she came preloaded, her one agenda was to abuse and attack Farage, with a whole section of the audience around her in cahoots, all came together on the magic bus no doubt, the person you insult by calling a plant reacted to ignorant commments by Brand on the disabled, i hope the people who read your column with its own twisted agenda take the trouble to watch QT themselves and they will see how you are pathetically clouding the truth of the debate, for me it negates any points you are trying to make, showing it to be a glaringly false point. Wouldnt be surprised if ”mad , lovely blue haired troll” was your mother.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      This is a fairly typical Kipper rant – especially the part that both insults the woman in the audience who spoke up against Nigel Farage and his party, and tries to insult me by suggesting that she’s related to me (she isn’t, by the way). It’s reminiscent of the ‘poison pen letter’ incident last summer that ended when UKIP’s local chairman had to put a public apology to me in the local papers –
      Anyone watching Question Time on BBC iPlayer can form their own opinion; they don’t need to know what Dirk Madden thinks beforehand.
      As for the people reading Vox Political – don’t you worry about them; they know exactly what the score is.

  6. Dirk Madden

    Read your posts and mine with 20/20 vision and see whos is more akin to ”ranting”
    And by the way, your words hold much more poison in them than mine ever would.
    Of courseNoone watching QT does need to know my opinion before hand, you make sure everyone heres your bleating first tho…why that?
    Because your personal views and favourites didnt hold up very well under the spotlight did they.
    You know that, whatever you say the programme spoke for itself…..and you dont like it….. tough!!!

  7. Landless Peasant

    I had no idea the man in the audience was a UKIP plant, though he did come across as being an utter gobs**te. Brand was the only one who spoke the truth.

  8. Liam Linney

    Dirk Madden 30 – 0 Mike Sivier
    Rubbish article written by a journalist who complains about bias then proceeds to exhibit it himself. Look at this from afar for a second – man with political opinion not popular among left whingers sits on question time audience. Someone call the police…

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Who do you think wrote the original article?
      I was treated to a great quotation last night that seems pertinent to all you right-whingers: “The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common – they don’t alter their opinions to fit the facts; they alter the facts to fit their opinions.” Whenever people like your good self or Mr Madden are presented with facts, you try to deny them or downplay them. Are you very powerful? It seems unlikely. So, what are you?

  9. Guy Ropes

    May I pass on a couple of facts in respect of the woman who was attacking Farage on Question Time? She is known as Bunny La Roche (but then you would surely know that already), a member of Thanet Socialist Workers Party and an International Socialist. The SWP – for those who are unaware – were recently graced by a guy (a long term member) who apparently thought it OK to indecently assault his fellow members in a rather unpleasant way. His actions led to a wholesale exit of members when one of the assaulted members was ‘advised’ not to go to the Police with the details of the assault upon her but was persuaded to allow fellow members to form their own ‘Court’ and decide upon the matter. This is the future which awaits Britain if these jolly types ever influence power in this Country never mind assume it. Ms La Roche is also rumoured to be a Union funded ‘Stand up to UKIP’ agitator. The facts re the SWP as repeated above were contained in a Guardian article who in printing it were doing the Country a huge favour. Long may they continue to do so.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Why do you think I’d be familiar with the membership of Thanet SWP?
      Members of any political party may be accused of illegal behaviour – I understand UKIP has its own problems in this respect, and not a small number of them!
      And long may the Guardian – and any other paper with the guts – continue printing the facts about UKIP!

  10. Guy Ropes

    You’re unaware of one of the most vocal opponents of UKIP? Words fail me (you’ll be pleased to hear).

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