The inherent contradictions of Conservatism – kittysjones

'For the privileged few': David Cameron.

‘For the privileged few’: David Cameron.

When we see articles from right-wing commentators that are extensively critical of a Conservative-led government, indicating deceit and lying to the public and highlighting the sheer hypocrisy of Cameron’s ideologically-driven policies, it’s worth paying some attention to it, writes kittysjones. Especially when those articles echo some of our own criticisms.

This week, Fraser Nelson wrote  “the Prime Minster and his Chancellor are scurrying around the country misleading people. Never mind the national debt, the deficit has not been cut in half over the course of this parliament.”

We also know that the national debt has increased so much in just four years, that not only does it surpass that of the last government of thirteen years, it surpasses the debt of EVERY Labour government combined, since 1900. That’s no mean feat for the Conservatives, given their self-declared raison d’être is paying down Britain’s debts.” Cameron has been officially rebuked twice by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) for his grandiose, deceitful claims of doing that.

Let’s not forget Osborne’s promise of preserving  Britain’s AAA credit rating, Fitch and Moody’s agencies stripped the UK of its triple A credit rating in a withering assessment of its economic outlook last year

Despite Cameron persistent claims that the Tory “long term economic plan” is working and that there has been the “largest fall in unemployment since records began,”  the Treasury is surprisingly at an all time low on income tax revenues. It was 25 billion short of the predicted amount. If it wasn’t for the money collected through the recent bank fines (£1.1 billion) because of the rigging of foreign exchange markets and through the Tory hike on VAT (which affects those out of work proportionally the most), Osborne would have been well and truly left without any room for manoeuvre whatsoever in the package of lies that was his recent autumn budget statement.

This is a government that treats the public with contempt and delivers nothing but lies. Any party that can claim with a straight face that: “As part of our long-term economic plan, we’ve capped benefits to reward work” whilst presiding over the biggest drop in wages of all the  G20 countries and a cost of living crisis that is leaving many people unable to meet even their most basic survival needs doesn’t care about democratic dialogue with the electorate.

And of course there is the basic absurdity of the claim – that cutting benefits for those out of work will somehow raise wages for those in work.  The truth is that Conservatives like to keep people in a state of desperation so that they may be forced to take any work, no matter how unfair and low the pay is and no matter how poor the working conditions. Tories serve only the interests of the majority of their donors – private companies – who want to simply profit from cheap labour.

This is just a taste of the article. Visit the kittysjones blog for the full feature.

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5 thoughts on “The inherent contradictions of Conservatism – kittysjones

  1. daijohn

    Cheap Labour – ’tis the only thing that matters, the only way they can make a profit. Trouble is there is so much profit stashed away – much of it in tax havens, that they don’t know what to do with it except, heaven forbid, avoid losing even a penny of it.

  2. Ian Duncan

    Fraser Nelson – nasty little man – tweeted about the Tories deficit lies I assumed he was doing so to encourage yet more benefit cuts.

    In the case of the Spectator, there’s no ‘my enemy’s enemy…’. I strongly believe there’s no such thing as a decent Tory. Not now, certainly. In fact, an open Conservative supporter is almost guaranteed to be a sociopath.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Apparently so. It’s an old article based in information that’s received a lot of discussion.

      1. Ian Duncan

        I had that suspicion for a while but maybe the right will use any old illogical and idiotic argument to defend their otherwise morally untenable argument?

        Maybe they run on instinctive feelings (like IDS…) rather than ratonal thought? E.g. I got into one online argument with a Tory who absolutely insisted unemployment benefit payments were too high and soaking up taxes. I pointed out little money it actually was, both in individual payments and as a percentage of the DWP budget, shouted ‘IT’S STILL TOO BIG!’ Conversely. he’d shacked up with a new woman and they were both now BTL landlords and they both thought housing benefit levels were fine…

        Maybe some can see their entire economic theory is utter immoral tripe but are greedy sociopaths looking for the flimsiest of excuses for their behaviour, some are just mean-spirited twats who cannot stand to see someone get something that they themselves are not entitled to, despite not actually needing whatever it is (the true politics of envy in this country).

        But yes, maybe most are just catastrophically dense and have been steered away from reality by media propaganda.

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