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For several months now a Facebook account, ‘Exposing Anti Ukip Groups for the Liars and Nutters They Are’ ([henceforth] known as nutter for short) has been stalking the Women Defy Ukip Face Book page, according to aliberallife.

He frequently screenshots comments and posts and put his own unique, nutter, spin on them.

We know that the admin at “Nutters” are actively looking at the comments that people make on the page and looking at your FB profiles to see if they can use this to smear you.

The article goes on to suggest names, which will not be named here. The impression given to this writer is that those who post articles on Women Against UKIP (Facebook) and Women Defy UKIP (Twitter) do so under this banner because they don’t want UKIP supporters bullying them (cyber- or real).

Those who respond to messages using their real names are apparently laying themselves open to abuse as well.

There are ways of tracking down the people responsible and anyone on the receiving end of the kind of abuse – ‘smears’ or any other antisocial behaviour – should report it to the relevant authorities. I’d start with the police.

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12 thoughts on “Who is exposing Women Against UKIP – aliberallife

  1. ThomasEvansUKIP

    So okay to smear UKIP members with unfounded accusations.

    But if they respond in any way shape or form your advice to contact the police about them?

    I have been on the receiving end of abuse from both ‘Women Against UKIP’ and ‘Women Defy UKIP’ on Twitter. I haven’t rung the police or reported them to the authorities once.

    If you don’t like what someone is saying to you on Facebook or Twitter. The answer is simple. Click “Block”.

    This article once again shows that people who abuse UKIP, its members and supporters are in the eyes of the likes of Mike Sivier and @MidWalesMike completely beyond reproach. Where as anyone who dares to object to the abuse that is piled upon them by these supposed spokespeople for women should be reported to the police.

    May I say the attitude expressed in this article above is frighteningly fascist in attitude.

    Don’t dare question accusations or the authorities will be called but if it’s UKIP members that is being harassed they should just put up with it?!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      That’s very funny.
      Of course UKIP members have access to the very same services; it’s up to you if you choose to use them or not.
      Your comment does not mention what to do if other people are making false claims about you. Clicking ‘block’ won’t make that problem go away because those people are committing an offence of libel, and could in fact be inciting others to worse activities.
      If you are suggesting that any claims about UKIP on this site are “unfounded accusations”, you are mistaken.

      1. ThomasEvansUKIP

        The only thing that gives liars attention, is exactly that, attention.

        Ignore and block. If you report everyone who makes libelous claims you will have a very busy and unfulfilling day and the police will grow bored of you very quickly.

        That applies to both sides.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        Why on Earth should anybody take the advice of a UKIP supporter? They are among the most aggressive, abusive people on the British political scene!

  2. Andy

    You don’t need any “unfounded accusations” to undermine UKIP they undermine themselves. Enoch Powell had more credibility than Nigel Farage.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      It’s not a fascist attitude; it’s the voice of experience. If you had a little more self-awareness (or at least, awareness of your party and its behaviours) you’d understand.

      1. ThomasEvansUKIP

        I’d like to think that some people have the capacity to be open minded.

        You can accuse members of all parties of holding offensive views. But you can’t point at a party and denounce all as being “not worthy of listening to”.

        Your comment about not listening to individual UKIP members is quite frankly pathetic, and your justification for such a childish and sorry yes fascist view.

        You are so utterly intolerant and bigoted to UKIP supporters views you are unwilling to even listen.


      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        Where do I suggest that all of UKIP is “not worthy of listening to”? I don’t write in that way, you know, so you’re making up quotes now.
        Like so many other UKIP supporters you are resorting to fabrication and abuse. This dialogue is a vivid demonstration of your party’s problem.
        Other people do have the capacity to be open-minded – do you?

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