MP’s horror as four in five who have JSA sanctioned “don’t find work” – glynismillward189


This is from the South Wales Evening Post via glynismillward189:

Neath MP Peter Hain has expressed his horror that four in every five individuals who have job seeker benefits sanctioned, don’t find work.

The figures have been released in a report from the University of Oxford and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, which was presented to MPs yesterday.

The report looks at individuals who have been removed from Jobseekers Allowance, and what happens to them next with 43% subsequently ceasing to try to claim the benefit and only 20% of those who left stating that they had found work.

The authors of the report have called for a full cost-benefit analysis that looks not just narrowly at employment but at the hidden social costs of sanctions.

Raising the figures in the House of Commons Mr Hain said: “It does accord with the experience of far too many of my Neath constituents being treated in this diabolically punitive way.

“These people are disappearing from the Jobseekers system but they are not disappearing from our communities, so instead of the welfare system providing the safety net they are turning to other services like the NHS or living in poverty and relying on Foodbanks which could be costing us more in the long run.

“‘If only a fifth of these people have gone on to find work then well over a thousand have been lost from the system and this is deeply worrying.

“It also raises serious doubts over the accuracy of the unemployment statistics if people are simply disappearing from the JSA figures.”

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13 thoughts on “MP’s horror as four in five who have JSA sanctioned “don’t find work” – glynismillward189

    1. Tony Dean

      The sheer number of people now “disappeared” from the benefits system and not appearing anywhere else should have been ringing alarm bells all over government and the media. Just where have at least one million people gone?

      1. Richie Rants

        I think a percentage of them are dead. The DWP refuse to release those figures. Last year there were 60 suicides that were reported in the mainstream media. I believe that is the tip of an enormous iceberg.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        The suicides you mention are spread out over the years of the Coalition government.
        However, there have been far more than 60 DWP deaths. I’m still working on getting that information out.

  1. Chris

    I never applied for Jobseekers as I knew I was too knackered to comply. I suppose I am listed as economically inactive. But then those 60 and over are not listed under government statistics for unemployment.

    Sanctions kill by design. Why?

    Because medicine knows it takes about a month to starve to death, and sanctions are done for many months at a time.

    If you are hungry, you go out to seek food as it is vital to you as insulin is to a diabetic.

    And do you spend any cash left on a bus fare or on eating food to keep yourself alive?

    A cost analysis of sanctioning a 23 weeks pregnant woman is putting money ahead of the life of two people, the mother and babe not yet born.

    Sanctioning is inherently evil. Jobcentres referring people directly to foodbanks show they know full well that person is not walking into a job.

    You start a job, but you do not get paid that day, or that week, but a month in arrears.

    Now doctors are telling government through The Lancet of the huge rise of malnutrition hospital admissions, but by then their bodies might be too late to survive. Once too starved, the body breaks down and cannot process food.

    Severe dehydration is shown by pressing a forearm and if the skin stays rucked up, that person is in danger of death.

    Where are the Victorian public water drinking fountains for the homeless to get even a drink of water?

    Food banks in the UK are not daily free cafes as in Europe, that provide, without food vouchers, a free hot cooked meal and hot drink, 7 days a week.

    So the sanctioned are not fed, not housed, not clothed, and in frozen homes, of all ages from babes to grannies, by the raised retirement age.

    This MP has too much money to understand that poverty is all of us below the 20 per cent lowest income, loss of disabled / chronic sick benefits, sanctioned or still on benefit, low waged, or the 2.6 million pensioners just on state pension / low works pension are all far, far below the breadline.

    We are dying and worse is to come.

    On and from 6 April 2016, the flat rate pension will leave the poor, especially women, on nil state pension for life, even with a lifetime of NI record, from various little traps set and not explained:

    See why under my petition on Why is this important?

  2. Marcus de Mowbray

    Bean Counters, Bureaucrats and Buffle-headed Dandiprats like IDS, Gideon and Camoron only ever see things in simplistic terms…”This costs money, cut it out and you save the money”. In the real world things are not so simple, and saving money can be more expensive in the long run. As a small businessman my most important task is to look after my income…getting work in and getting paid, then spending what I need. These dunderheaded dolts constantly cut costs (with dire consequences for many) but have done NOTHING to maximise UK’s income : Tax Avoidance and Corporate Profits heading out of UK does not bother them at all.

  3. Jeffery Davies

    Culling the stock rtu ids way fiddling the figures how why has labour aloud this without fighting back dennis skinner
    likes to point at rtu ids telling him killer even glenda does but now whot about how many have dies at rtu ids hands
    I wonder will they cry when they know how many poor souls have paid his price for his policys jeff3

  4. Michelle

    Probably most reading here are aware, but if not a reminder note about the number of times someone can go to a foodbank with their authorised slip for a food parcel – up to the generous maximum of 3 times in one year.

    I visited my nearest foodbank where I know the voluntary, hard working organiser; concerned I asked him about this limit, he said there is personal discretion applied to help people really in need and I know he is kind… However, in a meeting this week we had all had some warm home made sponge puddings to cheer the wintery blues, afterwards with a few left over, one lady made a request to take a large one home because a family she knew could no longer get help from their local foodbank. Cruelty hidden and on steroids!

  5. Mr.Angry

    Are the main stream media going to publish this one wonders, let’s get it out in the open now before the election show the rats for what they really are.

  6. chopale

    It’s not that he’s been rumbled; It needs people who are in the system! like Peter Hain; and the yellow strips and the D.W.P. department The so called public sector workers. even Labour and this right wing media scum. To tell the “TRUTH”.

  7. ,arjorie arnold

    what can you expect form this sorry bunch. they couldnt run a raffle. and more to the point they dont care about the ordinary folk as long as they are making money.

  8. Peter

    It’s not surprising. They stop coming to Job Club as well. When you have no money you are too busy skipping for food or saleable items for look for work, and since you cannot do personal hygiene there is generally no point asking anyone for a job anyway.

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