Demand DWP deaths inquiry (and an announcement from Vox Political)

Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) has released the following request:

For more information see


Can you help us to tweet all opposition members of the Work & Pensions Committee to get them to demand disclose:

Esther McVey is before them on

Wednesday  04 February 2015 9:30 AM.

Witness(es): Rt Hon Esther Mcvey, Minister of State, Department for Work and Pensions

and Chris Hayes, Director, Labour Market and International Affairs

We want everyone to tweet to







– to demand that they open an urgent inquiry into deaths of DWP benefit claimants.

See more at:

This may be an opportune moment to let you all know that my own appeal against the DWP’s latest FoI refusal is now being examined by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

I’m still trying to get information on the number of ESA claimants who have died since November 2011. The DWP is currently saying this information is in line to be published, but is breaking the rules by refusing to say when publication will take place.

It is entirely possible that the ICO will turn down my appeal. If so, I’ll be off to another tribunal.

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18 thoughts on “Demand DWP deaths inquiry (and an announcement from Vox Political)

  1. nick

    i have spoke with anne begg many times over the past 5 years she knows that the deaths are high but wont speak out for some odd reason she would like the press and tv to do so to take this pressure of her

    these deaths are not don’t forget recognized by Esther McVey or IDS and never have been

    these deaths of the sick and disabled have only officially and on record been spoken about by @glendajacksonmp @SheilaGilmoreMP,@Debbie_abrahams,

    so there is much to do as the full total of deaths since 2010 runs into many thousands of which many have died in odd circumstances from being found fit for work and then dying shortly afterwards to those with mental illness being found fit for work and then to go on and die of starvation

    The overall degree of negligence has been shocking and if you are sick or disabled in going forward your chances of death under the present policies are as good as done and you will die and as i myself am sick and disabled i feel it is right to state my views

    1. Jeffery Davies

      Yes I had a life long mate who told me on a sunday that
      he was going to the jcp in four days time to tel dwp he
      wasnt fit to work yet the night before my lifelong friend
      was dead apon his kitchen floor but alass his wife hasnt
      use this to fight back against this evil lot jeff3

  2. David Sugg

    We must Demand DWP deaths inquiry the sick
    And disabled and unemployed are being left destitute
    After unfair and biased benefit sanctions the sick and disabled
    Are being forced to attend fitness capability assessments
    Then they are found to be fit for work by people who are not
    Specialists in the medical field of the disability the people who
    They judge fit, going against the Specialists diagnoses of the
    Person they are assessing this is wrong and leads to many sick
    And disabled plus unemployed with no money no way to buy food
    Or pay for a roof over their head or heating or lighting even if they
    Still have a roof over their head this results in their death by suicide
    Starvation or even freezing to death plainly inhuman sorry if the
    Spelling and grammar are not up to standard and if it sounds as though I am rambling a bit that’s the result of a ruptured brain aneurysm and Subarachnoid Hemorrhage plus seven hours of
    Brain surgery

  3. Jeffery Davies

    Last week m and m had dwp against the ropes but failed miserable to push mv bay their answer we cant give this
    list out of the ones we repoted on to ourself has this will
    release their confidential information im fuming he should
    have gone in for the kill ststing you whot you selling claiments information to who ever wants it left of the hook
    was mc bay and rtu ids jeff3

  4. Tony Dean

    I would rather excrete a porcupine backwards than use Twatter or Farcebook

    I have however emailed those requested, plus the clerk of the W&P Committee

  5. nick

    the main thing the Work & Pensions Committee have to do firstly is to get IDS and Esther Mcvey,to acknowledge the many thousands of deaths of the sick and disabled over the past five years and to get them both with a one year time frame to find out of all who have died and in what part DWP negligence has played a part in these deaths

    many deaths will of course be perfectly normal and they are the claiming of benefit and dying over the long/short term because of their illness or disability

    The uk government is the first country after all to shout out about other countries murderous regimes but then go on to stay dead silent on it’s own home front of which when asked about the deaths of the sick and disabled they then go on to say “what deaths”

    my own view will be that both Esther Mcvey,and IDS will sidestep any question asked of them therefore allowing the deaths of the sick and disabled to continue over the next 5 years but in much greater numbers and it is that thought alone that terrifies me the most

  6. Joseph Smith

    Lots of luck Mike, IDS is a well known lier and fraud and needs to be punished prior to being banished from public life forever.

  7. Joan Edington

    I doubt if there’s a snowball’s chance in hell of this coming out before the election. They’ve sat on it for over 2 years; they’re not going to say OK then with 3 months to go. All the very best with it though Mike.
    I don’t use Twitter but I’ll email the committee.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      The DWP deaths inquiry is someone else’s project. I’m going for the FoI disclosure.
      Thanks for the encouragement!

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