Cameron … supporter of bullies! – glynismillward189

Why be surprised that Cameron supports Clarkson? We always knew he worshipped bullies.

Why be surprised that Cameron supports Clarkson? We always knew he worshipped bullies.

I thought I was seeing things when Cameron appeared on BBC News supporting Jeremy Clarkson, saying how much his children would miss him if he had to leave Top Gear as a result of “the incident”, writes Glynis Millward.

Obviously I was not present when “the incident” took place, but it is reported that Clarkson assaulted a producer because no food was available…

Imagine for a moment, if you will, being in your place of work and a colleague assaults you. The police would be called… your colleauge would be subject to the conduct and discipline procedures of the organisation. They would be suspended and may possibly lose their job.

Yet CaMORON seems to think there is nothing wrong with going on TV and supporting someone who thinks it is perfectly OK to punch another person.

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12 thoughts on “Cameron … supporter of bullies! – glynismillward189

  1. M de Mowbray

    It is irrelevant whether or not CaMoron is even aware of the implications of bullying and aggressive behaviour, the point is that he is a PR man, and he sees this as yet another PR Op.

  2. bookmanwales

    Well what else would you expect from a man with IDS and Esther “let them eat cake” Mcvey in his cabinet ? Bullying has always been the forte of the Tories.

  3. NMac

    Clarkson is a rude and unpleasant bully. I suspect that just beneath the wafer-thin PR veneer Cameron would be of the same extremely unpleasant ilk.

  4. Rigsby

    It really is a serious misconduct to use violence against a work colleague and anyone else would be dismissed immediately without any right of appeal.

  5. Daniel

    A sad indictment of the UK today, the petition to reinstate Clarkson after being suspended reached 500k in 24hrs, yet the petition to reverse the unfair changes to state pensions by 38 Degrees took over a year to reach 50k. We (as a nation) care more about having a self-important, opinionated fool on TV than whether we will be able to afford both food and heating in our dotage!

  6. Andy Robertson-Fox

    Cameron was answerıng a question that was put to him and said “I don’t know what happened, I hope this can sorted out because it is a great programme and he is a great talent. My children would be heartbroken if Top Gear was taken off air”

    Note he said Top Gear was taken off, not Clarkson and while recognising Clarkson’s undoubted talent there is no mention of condoning or supporting bullying.

    Cameron concluded “The Prime Minister has many responsibilities…sadly, securing the future of Top Gear isn’t one of them”. – note that again it was the future of the programme not Clarkson about which he voiced an opinion.

    Like the Prime Minister I don’t know what happened and neither I suggest does Glynis Millward189,….and certainly insufficient to make such a judgement.

  7. Jim Round

    Meanwhile, the petition to get him re-instated has 400,000+ signatures, whilst petitions to do with welfare and peoples deaths are lucky to get half.
    Don’t you just love peoples priorities eh?

  8. Gazza

    Camron = Clarkson? What is the connection you might ask? A little birdy told me old Clarkie is one of those ‘chosen one’s’ invited over for Dinner over at Chipping Norton…

  9. wildswimmerpete

    Clarkson is a member of Camoron’s Chipping Norton Set, and a staunch Tory. I wouldn’t expect anything else. Clarkson is on record exhorting drivers to drive over any cyclists who get in their way, as well encourage red-necks to string cheese wire across roads in order to decapitate motorcyclists. I hope both of them lose their jobs shortly, while Clarkson obviously managed to wriggle away prosecution for incitement.

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