4 thoughts on “Triumph of the Unthinking – NYTimes.com

  1. tom

    the unthinking (the undecided). sleepwalk to polling booth led by the hyponotic surgestions planted in their subconscious by controlling Media to change the forecast results.

  2. Tom Higgins

    Everyone who voted for the conmenservethemselves, ought to be made to read this New York Times article until the day dawns when they understand what they have done. There again it would probably be easier to train trees to be nuclear physicists.

  3. Sick of this

    Unlike in the US, indigenous Brits have been left uneducated and NOT KNOWING HOW TO THINK for decades, courtesy of the abolition of student grants, the relentless hiking of university fees, and unaffordable adult education.

    We are being bred to becoming a nation of peasants and chavs, with the luckiest ones trained in some sort of skill that will lock them into a minimum wage job until illness, redundancy, workfare and benefit sanctions intervene.

    A year or so ago, Cameron himself boasted that it was more cost effective to recruit professionals from abroad than to invest funds in training our own young people.

    Meantime the turkeys are plumped up on gluten-laced processed foods (google “wheat belly” to see how this causes the obesity epidemic, diabetes and heart disease), cheap booze and soap operas to ensure they carry on voting for Christmas.

  4. amnesiaclinic

    The obesity crisis will obliterate what is left of the NHS.
    Jobs are going to disappear very fast.
    We need to come up with something labour-intensive very fast.
    I think a basic citizen’s income would solve many problems.

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