Iain Duncan Smith returns to cabinet to oversee £12bn welfare cuts | Politics | The Guardian

We all knew this monster would return. David Cameron has neither the leadership nor the courage to get rid of him.

But his ‘reforms’, which brutally attack the livelihoods of anybody who is poor or sick – fatally, in many cases – could see him brought to face justice soon.

Work and pensions secretary returns to his job, David Cameron has confirmed, ahead of full reshuffle announcement on Monday

Source: Iain Duncan Smith returns to cabinet to oversee £12bn welfare cuts | Politics | The Guardian

11 thoughts on “Iain Duncan Smith returns to cabinet to oversee £12bn welfare cuts | Politics | The Guardian

  1. NMac

    Five dark years lie ahead, and if these loathsome corrupt people have their way they intend to gerrymander boundaries to make it almost impossible for them to lose the next election.

  2. Timro

    Would another probably younger Tory MP, trying to make a name for himself/herself, be any better really? I suppose now we will see a lower benefit cap, even more strictly limited housing benefit and child benefit and cuts in other working-age benefits plus more chaos as the DWP tries to transfer claimants from current benefits onto Universal Credit, which most people in the know believe will never work as described and only to be applicable to people with simple, unvarying claims and completely unworkable for people with complex ever changing circumstances, e.g., part-time or self-employed employed persons with varying work patterns, the very people UC was supposed to help.

    It will also be interesting how the people on UC earning less than a full week’s pay on the minimum wage will cope with the in-work conditionality UC will heap on them.

    What a mess.

    More suffering: more misery: more death.

    Cameron has entrusted the scythe of the Grim Reaper back into the hands of IDS.

  3. Charles Norman Hay

    Mr Cameron has stated he wishes to try and unite the whole country and to represent every one in the UK well with this person in his cabinet with the policies that they want to achieve in the next 5 years i doubt if he will get anywhere near this goal in fact i can see a very dark road leading to disruption and chaos with demonstrations and strike looming as the lower working class feel as though they have no representation any more they are to become the lost people of our community, lets hope that the Tories see sense and start to make a more positive step towards the rebuilding of the country and not the destruction to benefit a small few wealth patrons.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Cameron’s claim was a PR trick; he has no intention of representing everyone.
      The Conservative Party will never see sense in the way you describe; the mere fact that you suggest it shows the public willingness to be tricked by these snake-oil sellers.

  4. wildswimmerpete

    Duncan Smith has to still turn his attention to the State pension. Looks like Pension Credit will go next year, with conditionality applying to the State pension – such as compulsory “community work” aka workfare.

  5. Joan Edington

    How many days now until the DWP have to announce the deaths, Mike? Will they somehow still sweep them under the carpet, hoping the election will have taken folks’ minds off it?

  6. rik

    Hi all…Well we knew tbat was comming diddnt we.. I’m still in shock and traumatised from last thur/fri
    my daughter told me that everyone she spoke to said they would vote labour
    tbe same with most of my friends and family…
    I just hope that when the death figures are finally released they will be held to rights..
    Good Luck Mike

    1. chriskitcher

      Don’t raise your hopes. This lying individual will have had them doctored so as to absolve him completely. Watch how they blame any death on the Labour Party.

  7. Joan Edington

    I reckon Cameron keeps IDS on just so that the public have someone to hate more than him.

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