Michael Gove to proceed with Tories’ plans to scrap human rights act | Politics | The Guardian

This is what the people of Britain voted to support – the scrapping of their human rights – to be replaced with a ‘Bill of Rights’ that won’t be worth the paper it’s written on.

One commenter in the social media has already suggested that repealing the Human Rights Act will only make British people rely more heavily on the European Court, creating a new ‘bogeyman’ for Tories to attack. What do Vox Political readers think?

Newly appointed justice secretary to follow through with pledge which would remove European court of human rights’ leverage over UK supreme court

Source: Michael Gove to proceed with Tories’ plans to scrap human rights act | Politics | The Guardian

7 thoughts on “Michael Gove to proceed with Tories’ plans to scrap human rights act | Politics | The Guardian

  1. Timro

    Personally, as a human, I appreciate every right and protection under the law that I can get.

  2. hstorm

    I’m really tired of the automatic way so many in the media and politics put it in jingoistic terms. They make it sound like it will be a strike for our nation’s freedom from ‘foreign colonisers’ almost. What it means in practise though is the British state gaining more power over its population, with that population no longer having any external authority to turn to when the British legal system treats them unfairly. Which happens a lot e.g. Guildford Four, Orgreave, Birmingham Six, Hillsborough etc.

    I might not feel quite so bad about this, were it not for the fact that our police force has so much institutional corruption in it. Our relationship with the EU is far from perfect, and indeed the EU is far from perfect, but I would much rather that reform of our own legal services took priority over this childish, Union Flag-waving Europhobia.

  3. Jeffery Davies

    Well at the moment the eu havent done much for those they quietly culling with their abuse and welfare payments stopped isnt it a crying shame but those who voted for this lot I wonder do they understand whot they realy standfor not for us not for the nninty nine percent who aint rich they seling us down the river

  4. Charles Norman Hay

    Gove to change the system so as to allow the wealth share holders and company bosses to pay there work force a pittance and outwith the existing labour regulations which in turn will lead to the UK being the sweatshop of the western world and also of europe making extremely cheap products to try and flood the EU in place of the Chinese therefore the end of the lower ,middle and upper working classes as is the case in many South Asia, Middle east countries where there are only the rich on one side and the rest on the other side .

  5. thelovelywibblywobblyoldlady

    Citizens need protection from the state.

    It will be interesting to see what happens to supporters (mostly tory voters) of axing the Human Rights Act when they are the subject of a HMRC investigation into their tax affairs. At the moment, they can quote Article 6 & 8, which prevents HMRC snooping into private bank accounts and allowing you to incriminate yourself without allowing you representation.


    Also, this case illustrates why that protection is needed;


  6. Joan Edington

    There was a bit about this on TV this morning. I didn’t catch all of it but it seemed, as usual, that it only dwelt on the subject of a right to family life being used to stop criminal deportations. This is thumped home so often in the papers and on the BBC that, like so many other issues, the public believe that is all the act applies to. There is no media discussion of all the other basic rights, such as employment ones, that could (will?) be removed that people take for granted.

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