Here’s a lot of nonsense from a man who should have kept his nose out. Peter Mandelson reckons Labour members were told to go out and shout for the poor against the rich, not mentioning anyone in between, does he? What about the “squeezed middle” that Ed Miliband was so roundly criticised for discussing?

The last thing Labour needs is a return to Mandelson’s centre ground – because Mandelson’s centre ground is in the middle of Tory territory, and nobody wants Labour to be ‘Tory lite’ apart from the SNP.

Intervention from key architect of New Labour comes as Chuka Umunna and Tristram Hunt signal interest in running for party leadership, with Liz Kendall first to clearly declare intention

Source: Miliband made ‘terrible mistake’ in ditching New Labour, says Mandelson | Politics | The Guardian