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Interesting ideas here – especially where support for democratic and small business is mentioned. How about a promise to ‘band’ Corporation Tax, allowing small businesses and worker-owned co-operatives to pay less than the big corporations?

Being both ‘pro-business’ and ‘pro-worker’ sounds like another bit of New Labour triangulation, but once we are clear we aren’t talking about any type of business it becomes more meaningful, and offers the potential to build alliances with democratic and small businesses against monopolistic corporations.

Source: New Left Project

1 thought on “Redistribution is not enough – New Left Project

  1. Jim Round

    Yes, it would be a good idea to understand small businesses, maybe also press for reform of the outdated and centralised rate system (funny how councils can’t take part in the “free market”)
    Also, a look at workers rights wouldn’t go amiss, one of the under-discussed causes of recent immigration.
    I saw an interesting map of former coalfield areas and how the Labour vote still stood up in them.
    But I will warn that The Tories are looking into the “Northern Powerhouse”
    Something already started by giving Manchester more control and funds for certain things.
    Labour controls Manchester Council and has the majority of constituencies there, they must be careful not to fall into the trap of being blamed if they don’t get much needed infrastructure projects off the ground, it will be an easy target for The Tories (look at Labour wasting money again)
    An idea would be to push for projects such as social housing to be properley devolved,also being able to build and/or refurbish homes.
    Some innovative employment schemes with a living wage would also go down well.
    If they can do this with competence and people notice the difference, then they can build on that and say this is what we would do in government.

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