13 basic rights you’re going to lose under the new Conservative government – Richard Beech – Mirror Online

If you voted Conservative, UKIP, or SNP, this is what you wanted:

The Tories are planning to scrap the Human Rights Act and we should all be deeply concerned, argues Richard Beech

Here’s what will effectively be scrapped by the Tories:

  • The right to life
  • The right not to be tortured
  • The right not to be a slave
  • The right to a fair trial
  • The right NOT to be punished if you haven’t broken the law
  • The right to private family life
  • The right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion
  • The right to freedom of expression
  • The right to marry and start a family
  • The right to peaceful enjoyment of possessions
  • The right to education
  • The right to free elections
  • The right NOT to be given to death penalty

Source: 13 basic rights you’re going to lose under the new Conservative government – Richard Beech – Mirror Online

23 thoughts on “13 basic rights you’re going to lose under the new Conservative government – Richard Beech – Mirror Online

  1. chriskitcher

    Sadly this just sums up the basis of Tory philosophy and mentality. Its just as if they want to take the country back to the middle ages and 36% of the morons in this country want to be treated in this way.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      You’ve forgotten the 34 per cent who didn’t vote. That’s de facto support for the same treatment.

      1. chriskitcher

        Sorry Mike, but if they don’t vote they don’t give a shit. Any of them with half a brain would realise the need to vote. They were referred by Socrates as the “thick thousands” an appropriate description I think.

  2. NMac

    Sadly, the 34% who didn’t bother to vote could have made all the difference. Chriskitcher is right these nasty, dishonest cretins want to take the country back to the Middle Ages.

  3. joanna may

    I don’t get it Mike? Wasn’t Winston Churchill a conservative, who was instrumental in writing up our current Human rights? I know why they are doing it though, because originally they were written up so that sub-humans like Hitler could never rule again, and so that the Holocaust could Never happen again!!!! What would stop this government setting up concentration camps when our rights have disappeared? After all, historically concentration camps were an English thing (I don’t know the right word) Also Edward I was the first to use the yellow star of David on Welsh Jews

    Also do the government really have the right to decide for us, on getting rid of our human rights without our say??!!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Yes. Repealing the Human Rights Act and replacing it with a Conservative Bill of Rights was a manifesto commitment by the Conservative Party. Everybody who voted Tory ACTIVELY SUPPORTED the removal of their own rights.

      The Conservative Government has a mandate to remove our right not to be slaves.

      1. chriskitcher

        This was all brought about because of Mays inept attempts to extradite certain so called terrorists. Because of her ineptitude we all lose our rights. What kind of potential leader does this make this stupid woman?

  4. thelovelywibblywobblyoldlady

    For those people who think that Human Rights won’t affect them and only applies to terrorists and hate preachers … let me tell you a cautionary tale.
    My son who was 15 at the time and still in school, was reported to the police by a girl of the same age for sexual touching. This girl has some mental health issues and it became clear very early on that her allegation was malicious and uncorroborated. The case against my son was dropped and you would think that there would be relief that it was all over and that would be the end of it.
    Not so! As my son had been arrested for the “offence” of sexual touching, his DNA and fingerprints were taken and a record was maintained on the police national computer.

    I wrote to the Chief Constable(CC) to ask for the records & samples to be expunged on the grounds that my son had not been convicted of any offence. My request was refused. The CC informed me that the records would be held for 100 years!!!! meaning my son would be 115 when they were finally destroyed. I WAS INCENSED, because you see, the fact that my son was now on the DNA database meant that he could not get a job working with vulnerable adults or children, neither would he be able to obtain a visa or work permit to the US, unless he applied to ACRO for authorisation for a visa and paid £70 for the privilege.

    No other country has a DNA database with innocentish/guiltyish people on it. You are only on their DNA database if you have been found guilty by a jury.

    As a result of the successful outcome of the S & Marper v UK case, in which it was ruled that the UK was in breach of Article 8 of the HRA and had to pay a large proportion of the appellants legal costs, I reapplied to the CC and my sons’ records were expunged – I now have written confirmation of this.

    It was hard enough doing all this with the HRA (it took 2 years from start to finish) but just imagine,without the HRA, someone could make an unfounded allegation about you and you would have no recourse.

    1. amnesiaclinic

      Truly a nightmare – but how fantastic you took it on and managed to get the record expunged for your son. Congratulations.
      Now we have to put up as much of a protest and stop the demolition of the HRA.
      Do you have legal training or experience? Will the EU make a fuss and put up a fight?
      We are all going to have to pull together to defeat this.
      It can be done!

      1. thelovelywibblywobblyoldlady

        Thank you amnesiac. I don’t have legal training but I can read and research and I did an awful lot of that. I have signed the 38 degrees and change.org petitions to stop the tories scrapping Human Rights.

  5. rose hodkin (@rosieforty)

    I was told I can register on line so I was able to vote and the council/government not heard a dicks arse from them before or after the election so how many others did the same thing!!!!!………

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Have you not read my rather eloquent response to the person who didn’t understand how “Vote SNP, get Tory” worked?

      1. Josephine Mackenzie

        Still pedaling that lie? Can you not count? How many times does it need to be said that even if every seat in Scotland had been won by Labour, the Torys would still have got in? ENGLAND did this to itself (or the election was fixed). The SNP will protect the human rights of Scotland.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        Can you not read, then? The Tories used the threat of every seat in Scotland going to the SNP – and the SNP going into an alliance with Labour and spending everybody’s money wildly – to scare Middle England into voting against Labour. As almost all Scottish seats did go to the SNP, we can see with hindsight that there was enough truth in what the Tories said to convince the voters, even though the idea of an alliance was a big lie.

        The SNP will not protect anything; that party simply doesn’t have enough MPs to cause the Tories any bother. In short: You blew it.

  6. Andy

    Michael Gove probably has a few more brain cells than his predecessor Chris Grayling and will see that with the Judiciary and the Lord’s against him he’s got an uphill struggle. Having said that even if they do repeal the 1998 Human Rights Act and replace it with a watered down ‘Bill of Rights’ unless we leave the ECHR the Supreme Court here will not be the final arbiter. If we leave the ECHR, it would isolate us from the other 47 nations signed up to it and that includes Russia! To leave the ECHR would constitutionally have to be agreed by the parliaments of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland as well Westminster. Depending on the outcome of the EU referendum, the EU’s constitution requires us to be signed up to the ECHR. The 1998 Human Rights Act basically put the European Convention into UK Law so people here would not have to keep banging on Strasburg’s door. There is a threat that should not be underestimated. But the whole thing is as mess, I can’t remember where I read it but one commentator likened it to a Gordian Knot. I really don’t think that this legislation will ever become law. But I may have to eat my hat!

  7. Charles Norman Hay

    Mike blew this long before SNP came into the picture there agenda of non positive policies copying the general polices of the tories also did not help also lost the low paid and low educated as well as the middle class all culminated in Labour defeat in England so do not pour sour grapes on the SNP you should all be looking at your selves in England on how you threw it away in your own back garden.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      There can be no denying that the (fake) threat of an SNP-Labour alliance is what has given us a Conservative majority government now, rage all you like.

  8. P.Pod

    How on earth can you blame the SNP for this when there was only 59 seats up for grabs? Yes I can read and yes I have read your previous comments. If Scotland had indeed voted Labour, those 59 seats would have made no difference to them in the General Election because the rest of the UK chose to vote otherwise. Scotland didn’t want Conservative so they didn’t vote for them, it’s not rocket science. Everyone has a democratic right to vote as they choose and the majority of Scots chose SNP. In 1979, 1983, 1987, 1992 and in 2010 Scotland voted Labour and got Conservative so your argument is invalid; to suggest it is Scotland’s fault for the rest of the Country voting Conservative is not only incorrect but ludicrous.The SNP stated repeatedly that they would only vote on matters that affected Scotland so where did the electorates confidence in Miliband go? If you want to blame someone for the fake threat of the SNP-Labour alliance spun by both Conservative and the right wing press, then blame the actual culprits, a weak Labour leader and then point your finger towards the rest of the Country for their stupidity and naivety in believing it…after-all, they were the ones who went gullibly to the polling stations and put the ‘X’ in the box.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      If Scotland had not voted SNP, then David Cameron would not have been able to scare Middle England (wherever that is) with threats that a Labour/SNP pact would steal everybody’s hard-earned money away from them, and Middle England (wherever that is) might not have chosen the Conservative box on the ballot paper.

      Apparently that is a stunningly complex concept. Nobody’s blaming Scottish voters for going with their gut instinct – certainly not – but actions have consequences and this was one of them. Scotland voted SNP – the UK got a Conservative government. Not what you wanted? Well, it’s what you’re stuck with.

      The claim about Scotland voting Labour and getting a Conservative government on all those occasions (which is selective – the majority of Scottish voters got the government they supported after around half the elections that have taken place since World War II, as has pretty much everybody else) can now be augmented with the fact that Scotland put the SNP into 56 Parliamentary seats and got a Conservative government too.

      If you’re a supporter of the SNP stating that it would only vote on matters affecting Scotland, how do you react to Nicola Sturgeon’s comment that a decision hasn’t been made on fox hunting yet?

      Look at you; you can’t even point the finger of blame where it belongs. David Cameron and the right-wing press spun that fake threat – they’re to blame, not Ed Miliband! Along with Alex Salmond, anybody in the SNP who followed his lead in claiming the SNP would hold Labour to ransom, and particularly Rupert Murdoch.

      Oh well. “There are none so blind as those who will not see”, eh?

      1. P.Pod

        I never stated I am an SNP supporter, but I do follow Politics. Also, I have no problem with Ed Miliband, I actually like the man but unfortunately some people did not have confidence in him within the role of leader of the Labour Party.

        Watching previous Labour voters being interviewed on TV, they mentioned they voted Conservative because they believe that they are putting people into work, stating, “I didn’t have a job, haven’t for years and now I have one.” So there you go, a lot of people have this, ‘I’m alright Jack’ attitude. They also did not come from Middle England.

        As for consequences and effect? Of course there is, every aspect of life has a reaction to an action but concentrating on Middle England as the catalyst for the Conservatives getting in to power has no credence. Middle England has always swayed between Conservative and Labour; way before the SNP were the main Party in Scotland. The other Labour strongholds in the South and more puzzling (?) in the North of England, seem to have took leave of their senses and voted Conservative. Looking at comments made on Media sites, it seems a lot of people have swallowed the propaganda about immigration. So I see no basis in your argument.

        Yes it’s a sad day that the Conservatives are back in power- I personally despise them- but laying blame on certain members of society does not help the situation. It’s time people united and fought against the barbaric regime of austerity and attacks against the sick and disabled. Which leads me on to why the SNP are intervening in the Fox Hunting Act…the people of the UK have showed they don’t want the Act repealed by emailing the Party; they are asking the SNP to vote on it. You cant blame the Party for giving the people their democratic right to choose who they want to represent them in this.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        Middle England isn’t a place, you know.
        Also, these people saying they now have jobs – did they say whether they earn enough to pay Income Tax? That should be the new standard by which we judge the value of a job (but not the worker).
        Yes, Middle England has always swayed between Labour and the Nasties. That’s why it’s called Middle England.
        It doesn’t surprise me that you don’t accept my argument.
        Interesting that you say people are emailing the SNP and demanding action on fox hunting. However, you are a bit muddled when you suggest people are choosing the SNP to represent them on this. What they’re doing is telling the SNP that they’ll be letting everybody down – and pandering to the Tories, what’s worse – if they don’t take part in the vote!
        It’s basically telling them not to be so silly and to stand up and be counted.

  9. P.Pod

    Well I suppose we don’t need to agree to disagree, free will and all that. I’m just saying people need to start looking out for one another now those monsters are back in power.

    In connection to the people in jobs, they never mentioned if they paid Income Tax or not. I don’t understand some peoples selfishness to be honest, no circumstance in my life could ever persuade me to vote Conservative. In my opinion you should support a Party that represents your own ideologies, values and principles; considering the Conservatives are not for the working man or society as a whole, that demographic should never contemplate voting for them.

    It seems to me, people are becoming more susceptible and preconditioned by the media that the things they tell them are true and that scares the life out of me; people are walking straight into George Orwell’s dystopia and they don’t even realise it.

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