Here’s Len McLuskey, talking some sense:

He says Labour fell for the Tories’ austerity trap long before the election. He writes: “Ignoring the views of many economists, it accepted a need to balance the budget and eliminate the deficit, which left them playing on Tory ground. Once this was conceded, Labour was on a hiding to nothing – no one will ever believe that they would be more reliable cutters than the Tories.

“So Labour was left trying to protect the victims of the Tory cuts agenda while accepting its underlying premises, also depriving itself of a coherent narrative linking together popular individual policies.”

He adds: “Labour had no central theme, defining what it stood for. Something that could – as in 1945, 1966 and 1997 – unite working class and middle class voters around a vision for society.”

This blog will publish some thoughts about what Labour’s central theme should be – soon.

Source: Labour did not lose election because it was too left wing, says Unite chief | Politics | The Guardian