So the Party of Restriction actually blackmailed the BBC into watering down its coverage of the election in favour of the Conservatives – and after the BBC went along with it, the Tories are going ahead with plans to destroy the corporation in its current form. That’s what the BBC gets for betraying licence fee-payers, according to Labour’s Tom Baldwin.

“Cameron, George Osborne and Boris Johnson all have hired their chief spin doctors from the ranks of BBC journalists. So, far from being part of a leftist conspiracy, it is a rich recruiting ground for Conservatives.”

He rebutted suggestions that the BBC was a “giant leftwing conspiracy”, criticising the Corporation for focusing too much on the possibility of a Labour-SNP deal.

“In truth, Downing Street’s criticism of the BBC is akin to a football manager railing against the referee after a 3-0 win with a disputed penalty,” Mr Baldwin wrote, saying it was Labour who lost out most from the BBC coverage of the election.

Source: Senior Tories repeatedly threatened BBC during election, says Ed Miliband’s top spin doctor – Telegraph