A raft of spectacularly rabid policies are being unveiled by a Government that can suddenly do what the hell it likes without the pesky Lib Dem handbrake.

Here are 10 ways to fight back – and make sure this isn’t just the first Tory majority Government in 19 years, it’s also the last.

This blog particularly likes:

5 Look out for people. There are going to be children in your kids’ class at school who are hungry.

Families are going to struggle. You are going to see more homeless people on the street. Think of ways to quietly help them.

Magic Breakfast is a charity you could support locally that feeds kids a free breakfast to help them be in a proper state to learn at school.

6 Get help. If you are struggling with benefit cuts or sanctions, there are many peer support websites that can definitely help you.

ATOS Miracles is an online community that helps people struggling with DWP decisions from unfair Work Capability Assessment decisions to Kafkaesque sanctions, to Bedroom Tax.

Disabled People Against Cuts is full of members who know the benefit system inside out from their own battles and can always help.

(This blog would add Fightback to that list).

Source: Ten survival tips if the Tory victory and their imminent onslaught on society has left you feeling blue – Mirror Online