It says everything you need to know about the British political class when Brian May – an astronomer and rock musician – has the most worthwhile things to say on the BBC’s Question Time, followed (astonishingly) by Nigel Farage.

It seems the Common Decency campaigner has savaged David Cameron – rightly, as the following excerpt demonstrates:

Brian May has launched a passionate attack on David Cameron, who he says has “no compassion for animals whatsoever.”

The Queen guitar legend and animal rights campaigner condemned the Prime Minister’s support for the badger cull and the legalisation of fox hunting.

Speaking exclusively to the Mirror, he said: “It looks like nothing can stand in Cameron’s way. Now he’s got a majority he can plough through with the things he was hesitating on, like fox hunting.

“I think Cameron is a special kind of Tory. The worst kind of Tory. The kind that has no compassion for animals whatsoever.”

He said: “The most appalling thing is that they fought this election on the economy, and now the first thing that comes up is fox hunting.”

Source: Brian May blasts David Cameron over support for ‘psychopathic’ fox hunting and badger cull – Mirror Online