Brian May blasts David Cameron over support for ‘psychopathic’ fox hunting and badger cull – Mirror Online

It says everything you need to know about the British political class when Brian May – an astronomer and rock musician – has the most worthwhile things to say on the BBC’s Question Time, followed (astonishingly) by Nigel Farage.

It seems the Common Decency campaigner has savaged David Cameron – rightly, as the following excerpt demonstrates:

Brian May has launched a passionate attack on David Cameron, who he says has “no compassion for animals whatsoever.”

The Queen guitar legend and animal rights campaigner condemned the Prime Minister’s support for the badger cull and the legalisation of fox hunting.

Speaking exclusively to the Mirror, he said: “It looks like nothing can stand in Cameron’s way. Now he’s got a majority he can plough through with the things he was hesitating on, like fox hunting.

“I think Cameron is a special kind of Tory. The worst kind of Tory. The kind that has no compassion for animals whatsoever.”

He said: “The most appalling thing is that they fought this election on the economy, and now the first thing that comes up is fox hunting.”

Source: Brian May blasts David Cameron over support for ‘psychopathic’ fox hunting and badger cull – Mirror Online

9 thoughts on “Brian May blasts David Cameron over support for ‘psychopathic’ fox hunting and badger cull – Mirror Online

  1. Maria

    It not just vulnerable animals though is it? It’s the most vulnerable people too. Those Tories in the cabinet are bullies and the worst kind of people you’d never want to meet and somehow they now run the country.

  2. jaynel62

    As Maria has said it is also vulnerable PEOPLE suffering under the PM, May says has no compassion. I’ve no issue with defending Animal Rights but…WHAT about those of Vulnerable People – WHERE are their ‘Champions’?

  3. Steve Grant

    I think he was pointing out the mindset of such people and rightly so…..if these loonies can go around killing animals then making the disabled suffer and die is water off a ducks back…..a dead duck of course!

  4. NMac

    These nasty Tories don’t care about the majority of people, let alone about animals. I’m afraid the animals don’t stand a chance. Given good leadership I am sure the majority of the British public will stand up to these nasty bullies.

  5. amnesiaclinic

    There are champions out there, but the ground has been cut away from under them but in the aftermath of the election the frustration and anger is boiling over. Taking to the streets is not the answer.
    The move has been very, very clever. The conservatives fought on bogus economic arguments and now have the power to bring in what and how they like. But the comments are already starting,’I didn’t vote for this!’
    There was a very interesting meeting of economists in Oxford last night with Paul Krugman and 2 other professors. Readers to Vox Political will also be familiar with Wren-Lewis and his views.
    The conservatives either don’t understand economics or are really rather stupid. That is not going to lessen the pain of what is happening but we have to be far better educated ourselves to take the arguments up the chain as Mike is doing.
    Watch economist John Aziz as a guest of Max Keiser in the very near future. He is on the Keiser Report on RT.
    It may be the poor helping the poor at the moment but our time will come.

    1. Carol. collins

      Truly David was waiting holding his nasty side ‘now he is like the despicable others we have no choice but listen to there’s no brain ‘ can’t we Force another vote ? To get some humanitarian people in parliament .who has feelings. That man has the look of a iceberg .sorry icebergs didn’t mean to insult you of corse you are more interesting than

  6. Joan Edington

    I do’t know why you are homing in on May’s comments on fox hunting, which was a tiny part of his input to QT. Apart from his comment about finding a bigger building and having 2nd past the post as MPs, which I’m sure was tongue in cheek anyway, he was by far the most sensible of all the panelists on all topics.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I agree – Brian May was the most sensible panellist.
      Farage came in second, which really surprised me!

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