‘Dramatic’ Tory Cuts Will Put Jobs Recovery At Risk, Says TUC | Welfare Weekly

While labour market statistics suggest a fall in unemployment, the TUC warns that the so-called jobs recovery will be put at risk from dramatic Tory spending cuts.

Source: ‘Dramatic’ Tory Cuts Will Put Jobs Recovery At Risk, Says TUC | Welfare Weekly

5 thoughts on “‘Dramatic’ Tory Cuts Will Put Jobs Recovery At Risk, Says TUC | Welfare Weekly

  1. Annie

    Sorry but I am sick to death of your anti tory propaganda bull***t so I am unsubscribing from VOX. We all have opinions your know its just we dont necesssarliy shout as loud as the gobby socialists. Thats why we are called conservative I suppose.
    I was listening yesterday to the reaction to Prince Charles letters sent to Tony Blair and his responses. How the hell you people can shout out in support for Labour with that kind of attitude I do not know after he took our guys to war, ill equipt and with not enough resourses to fight that war. Disgusting as is anyone who supports that kind of governing! No mention of that on your faceboon page or VOX sprouting off! Enjoy.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      By “anti-Tory propaganda” I take it you meant to write “facts”?
      Your comment about this, and about not shouting as loud as the “gobby socialists” is surprisingly amusing, considering the fact that the entire Conservative Party campaign was based on a series of lies that they shouted louder than anyone else (with the aid of the right-wing press, which of course they own).
      You ask how I can support Labour with the attitude shown by Tony Blair – well, I guess that’s why they say Conservatives live in the past! Tony Blair quit as Prime Minister EIGHT YEARS AGO. Labour has been through huge changes since then and is about to undergo more.
      If you want to live in the past and read only information that corresponds with your blinkered worldview, feel free. The Daily Mail seems like an appropriate alternative for you.

    2. wildswimmerpete

      Haven’t you yet realised that this is a LEFT-leaning site? YOU might be Conservative, the other 70%-odd of the UK didn’t vote for or support the Tory Party. As Mike said – the Daily Mail (or perhaps The Sun or Daily Express) would be more to your taste.

  2. sibrydionmawr

    What jobs recovery is this that the TUC, well known for their support of sanctions and workfare, are on about? They are a bit tardy, as the Tories have been responsible for the huge LOSS in jobs, often with nary a murmur on the part of the TUC and affiliated unions.
    So all I can say to this really is, ‘No sh**t Sherlock!”

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      The TUC supporting sanctions and workfare? I’d like to see the evidence for that, please.

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