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So foundations laid, a majority won, time to hit the ground running with policies that will help achieve that ‘good life’ for all right? It was a nice speech, but the priorities of his new government seem rather different. Far from building on these foundations, the immediate priorities of the Conservative Party seem to be rather different. Here’s the policies that seem to be top of their list:

Bash the BBC

Further undermine free speech under the guise of tackling extremism

Hobbling the Freedom of Information Act

All but ending the right to strike

Scrapping the Human Rights Act

I’m not quite sure how these things go together with ensuring the good life for all (at least all who are “willing to work hard and do the right thing”, but I’m sure the ‘one nation’, ‘good life’ will be announced soon!

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6 thoughts on “Getting your priorities right | alittleecon

  1. M de Mowbray

    I am starting to think that Camoron and Pooting are the same person, the hatred and megalomania are identical in both.

  2. huggerdog

    You forgot to mention the also had repealing the ban on fox hunting, another way of making all our lives good (not for the foxes obviously).

  3. John Gaines

    Do you know, I wonder what Milliband would have done, I don’t consider that he was very much Labour, especially when he boasted of a Scholarship he did not possess; liars are always liars and in the end they are always exposed.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      What scholarship is this? I have never seen any evidence to support your claim.

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