It’s enough to make any rank-and-file party member despair.

Where are the genuine leaders? Where are the charismatic characters, the stand-out individuals who will lead Labour to victory again?

Have they all been shouldered aside by the stampede to get faceless SPADs into Parliament? Has Labour choked off its own future by choking off the supply of real socialists into the House of Commons?

Will somebody with real leadership potential please step forward?

Mary Creagh is the latest Labour hopeful to throw her hat into the ring for the race to become next leader of the Labour Party. I just saw her being interviewed on the local news and she used very similar language to her rivals.

Six candidates, some compassionate, some aspirational, and some both compassionate and aspirational who could not be more different. Take your pick Labour members!

Source: Labour leadership contenders – compassionate and aspirational | alittleecon