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Doesn't he look shifty?

Doesn’t he look shifty?

George Osborne did not expect to win the election. No party did. But he did, and as a result inherited a nightmare from the previous administration and an election fought with the expectation of a coalition outcome. His position is, as a result, exceptionally difficult.

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  1. thelovelywibblywobblyoldlady

    The only good thing is that they cannot now keep blaming Labour; Osborne has failed in two main areas 1) low wages reduce the tax take so there’s less money in the treasury and 2) he has time and time again failed to address the aggressive tax avoidance schemes by medium to large businesses, which cost the public purse billions of pounds.
    For example, he has failed to prevent companies like Starbucks, exploiting the loophole of transfer pricing. Starbucks send their coffee beans to Switzerland and can avoid paying tax in the UK as a result.

    Of course the tories have said they won’t increase tax/NI but then they say lots of things don’t they and they are certainly no strangers to breaking promises.

  2. Pete B

    Well,the Chancer of the Exchequer.The right hon towel folder,Giddiot.Loved by millions of the Blue Rinse brigade is about to get bitten by his ,The Idiots Guide to economics of running the economy.

    China has been buying Gold and Silver for a few years now.In fact America has let China do this because its afraid China will call in its debts,that would really hurt Uncle Sam.

    “If you’re China, the last thing you want to do is be transparent about your gold purchases, because it will drive the price up,” says Rickards. He compared China’s strategy to a game of Texas hold ’em. “You want a big pile of chips. The U.S. has a big pile of chips, Europe has a big pile of chips. The U.S. has 8,000 tonnes of gold, 17 members of the euro system have 10,000 tonnes. China at 1,000 tonnes is not a player, but at 5,000 tonnes, they are a player.”


    But George robs from the poor,Austerity and gives to the Rich,Quantitative Easing.The Rich leave it offshore,the poor spend making the economy tick.

    But now,the poor are spending less,small businesses.Corner Shops who often vote Tory will suffer.Big Corporations will asset strip as usual.

    But until everyone suffers.When we would all be in it together.Things won’t change.

  3. S.G (a concerned engineer)

    “as a result inherited a nightmare from the previous administration”

    ….would that be his own administration of the last 5 years then?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Someone on Twitter today said Osborne made them physically sick.
      I told them to claim ESA as it’s likely to be a long-term illness.

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