Consider the colossal volume of state interference the Conservative Government is about to unleash on the British public – starting with the removal of our Human Rights, moving on through removal of state benefits, the selling-off of remaining assets and the rest of the NHS, and on to areas undreamt, we can only conclude that these ‘Shy Tories’ were not only turkeys voting for Christmas, but that they think they live in Cloud Cuckooland as well.

The electorate has turned away from Labour, and the utter lack of comprehension about why people vote Tory, or don’t vote at all, has been galling.

“If anyone wants to listen to the so-called “shy Tories”, what you will often hear is not talk of aspiration but a desire to be left alone by the state – even a deep suspicion of it.

“This contradiction for anyone on the left has long been apparent.

“Imagining that all good reform comes from the state and everything bad from outside just does not correspond to people’s lived experience.”

Source: Working-class Tories are not just turkeys voting for Christmas | Suzanne Moore | Comment is free | The Guardian