Caroline Flint Running For Deputy Labour Leader, Criticised After BBC Radio 4 Interview

There is something frankly terrifying about Caroline Flint – a woman as hard as her surname, who speaks in prepared phrases (“going forward” was the preference in her Today interview, it seems).

As Richard Young tweeted, “We need a deputy PM, not an HR manager.”

Caroline Flint is now joining the race for deputy Labour leader – but her comments on BBC Radio 4 this morning did not seem to get her bid off to a good start.

Source: Caroline Flint Running For Deputy Labour Leader, Criticised After BBC Radio 4 Interview

8 thoughts on “Caroline Flint Running For Deputy Labour Leader, Criticised After BBC Radio 4 Interview

  1. Nick

    Here we have a very good example of why labour lost the election. Her repeated words of going forward with no real understanding

    On what way can she take this country forward ? she didn’t say when it’s all been said before and failed

    To take a country forward you need to understand all of the people not just those local to you

    We all know that good education and the NHS are the main concerns of many but in reality they are just the tip of the iceberg when there are so many other things that people hold dear like affordable housing child care etc which are just as important

    Labour will only survive if it can understand what the majority of the public need to make their lives better and that of there families

    At this time the conservatives are in the driving seat and they will deliver over the next 5 years what they started 5 years ago

    How it will pan out remains to be seen but i do expect it will be in keeping with there Philosophy and that’s very simple for hard working intellect people only

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      It hasn’t “all been said before and failed”. We’re living in an extremely right-wing country just now – manipulated into certain beliefs by the Tories and their puppets in the media. There are many alternatives that are simply ignored.

      I agree with your comments about Labour needing to understand the many things that people hold dear – and I fear your comments, about what the Conservatives will do, are correct also. They’re not for hard-working people, though. They’re for the extremely rich. Forget all their talk about hard-working people; it was just a front.

  2. Terry Hackman

    The words ” Corporate Apprentice ” came to mind. Perhaps she has missed her vocation , better to wait for the next series of the ” I’m Lord Sugar Show ” .

  3. Ian

    Labour have been guilty of this for a long time now. When they were in government they were always guffing on about ‘delivering’ and ‘going forward’. I became a ‘customer’ according to the newly ‘customer focused’ DWP.

    I blame this unmerited deification/fetishising of the corporate classes, politicians must think this business-speak makes them sound like efficient, thrusting go-getters when in reality it just makes them sound like pretentious w**kers. As it does with the business people that inspired it.

    If you can sit through this without flying into a rage or p**sing yourself uncontrollably, you’re a better man than I

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Leading members of the Labour Party have been guilty of it, certainly. I can’t stand it, myself.
      It’s past time that Labour spokespeople dropped all that tripe and spoke to people in a language they can understand.

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