Another right-wing drone. Chuka couldn’t be leader – Liz Kendall mustn’t be leader either.

She’s right on one point – Labour must embrace the EU referendum, because it’s going to happen anyway. Therefore the party must concentrate on the arguments it will be making and the reasons for making those arguments.

She’s half-right on another point – Labour should embrace business… but not business leaders. Fatcat executives and rich shareholders who never do any work for a company will bleed it dry, leaving starvation wages for the wealth creators – the workers who actually make and do things. Going back to the EU referendum, one thing Labour must not say is that membership of the EU is good for businesses, because people will take that as support from the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, and the crackdown on workers’ rights that it currently embodies.

As for not advocating high taxation – she’s wrong to suggest it is “just to make a point”. The richest people in the UK have doubled what was already a fabulous amount of wealth since 2009, while some of the people Labour should be representing have either starved or frozen to death in the street. The super-rich can afford to help out a bit more.

What we have here is another Tory quisling, it seems. Pro-business, anti-taxation. The Graun discusses her “modernising” agenda. This is hackspeak for “Conservative” or “neoliberal”. It actually means “back to the Victorian era”.

She talks about “fiscal probity” as though there was a problem with Labour’s management of the economy; she talks about “welfare” in the same terms as Iain Duncan Smith.

On the basis of this, Liz Kendall won’t be getting the VP vote.

Frontrunner for party leadership in wake of Chuka Umanna’s surprise withdrawal from contest lays out modernising agenda after election ‘catastrophe’

Source: Liz Kendall: Labour must back Europe referendum and embrace business | Politics | The Guardian