The SNP have proved they’re unfit to represent Scotland by collaborating with the Tories | LabourList

Big Mouth strikes: Stewart Hosie was desperate to wrongly lay blame for the economic crisis on Labour. Now he's openly siding with the Conservatives in Westminster.

Big Mouth strikes: Stewart Hosie was desperate to wrongly lay blame for the economic crisis on Labour. Now he’s openly siding with the Conservatives in Westminster.

It seems the Tories have a new set of little yellow friends; this time it’s the SNP. The article is well worth reading for the list of principles laid out by Scotland’s sole remaining Labour MP – principles that are worth far more to the British people than the selfish, self-aggrandising hogwash hawked by the Party of Separation.

On Tuesday in Westminster, George Osborne wasted a good deal of Parliamentary time on a political stunt… The gimmick convinced no one.

No one that is, except the SNP, who immediately and enthusiastically collaborated with George Osborne’s ruse by joining in his attacks on the Labour Party.

Mr Hosie and the SNP may entertain themselves by playing along with the Tories’ parliamentary parlour games. My constituents, who have faced years of hardship at the hands of the ruling parties of London and Edinburgh, do not have time for such nonsense. Whether they were actively conspiring with George Osborne or simply duped by him, once again the Nationalists have demonstrated how unfit they are to represent the people of Scotland at Westminster.


Source: The SNP have proved they’re unfit to represent Scotland by collaborating with the Tories | LabourList

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  1. Steve Grant

    Did you expect anything else?Wasnt it Alex Salmonds lot who voted to bring down the Labour government in 1979… much for “we’re on your side”…..the nationalists only care about themselves and are a really pretty shallow bunch when it comes to self interest.

    1. Ian MacDonald

      Didn’t Ted Heath (Conservative) hand the McCrone report to Harold Wilson (Labour) who then buried it for 30 years using the Official Secrets Act? Didn’t the Labour government place Banana Republican terms (if you don’t vote then it’s counts as a ‘No’) on the 1979 referendum?

    2. Bawbags

      Oh dear, not that old chestnut again. It is true that SNP voted against Callaghan in ’79 along with 34 of his very own Labour rebels…….but it woz the nats wot dunnit!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Worthy of reading just for the list of policies the Labour auther supports.

  2. Simon Barrow

    You do good work, Mike. Really sad to see you joining the ridiculous SNP-bashing. This is the road to nowhere for progressive politics, for the Labour Party, and for the causes you and I believe in. We need positive alliances, not factionalism or tribalism, to defeat the Tories.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I’m saddened to see you joining the ranks of true believers trying to tear me down. I’ll add you to the long list of those who are trying to make this somehow about the Labour Party. Perhaps you can explain why it’s about Labour, when the article makes it perfectly clear that this is a dilemma that the SNP has created for itself, and the only connection with Labour is in the way the SNP has treated that party in the past?

      Seriously: You disappoint me.

  3. Stephan

    The financial collapse was something that was set to happen since this system was set up by thatcher. The SNP have repeatedly struck out against this system. The collapse happened on Labour’s watch, unfortunate for them, but to be fair there was a lot more they could have done to further regulate the banks – I am well aware the Tories would have liked even less regulation – but Labour still supports this system.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      What on Earth makes you suggest such a thing?
      Labour hasn’t been able to do anything about the system since 2010, but if it had been able to do so, we would certainly have seen wide-scale changes, in order to protect your money and stabilise the economy.
      At the moment, with a leadership contest taking place, it seems possible Labour policy will change again.
      The SNP, meanwhile, are not covering themselves in glory – as another article on this site is currently showing.

  4. Bawbags

    Well someone’s working hard to ‘bash the Nats’! Just a wee word of advice Mike Sivier, Labour in Scotland were nearly eradicated to extinction by pursuing the same mantra as you. A wee word of advice for you, keep up this sterling work.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      What, another one bawling about Labour?
      Get a grip! This is about the SNP.

  5. Ian Stewart

    Mike Silver if you want to be taken serious as a blogger, you must get your facts right,

    First off the SNP didn’t elect Thatcher in 79 the people DID ! had they wanted Labour they would have voted for them….Simple.
    The SNP contributed just 11 votes to the 311 which saw the no-confidence motion pass by the narrowest possible margin (one vote). Labour had been in a pact with the Liberals to give them a working majority, but when Labour declined to call an election in autumn 1978 as the Liberals wanted and expected, the pact ended and the Liberals voted with the no-confidence motion. Curiously, though, we’re unaware of Labour still furiously berating the Liberals for “ushering in” Thatcherism more than three decades later.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Oh is that right? If I want to be “taken serious as a blogger”? I’ve been blogging for many years now, and I’ll let my record speak for itself.

      Did I say anything about the SNP electing Thatcher? I did not. I said the SNP tabled the no-confidence motion, which is true.

  6. Angus Rae

    Yes Mike but they did so because Labour MP’s had forced unfair rule changes to normal voting practice to rig a referendum (1979) with aid from the Tories.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      They thought they were still going to win and were surprised when they didn’t.
      They tabled the motion of no confidence as revenge – nothing more.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      You’re deliberately missing the point, which is that the SNP tabled the motion of no confidence.

      1. Angus Rae

        I am asking you who showed more disloyalty to that government those from outwith Labour or those 34 Labour MPs a question you failed to answer.

  7. Angus Rae

    Well if and it is a very big if some people view the actions of 11 SNP members as more disloyal to Labour than the actions of 34 labour MPs that just shows the absolute arrogance of some Labour supporters and MPs . If you want seek to lay the blame then lay at the feet of all. Something I am fairly sure you cannot or will not do. Mike you are a Labour shill

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Here are the vote totals:
      Yes vote totals:
      279 conservative
      13 liberal
      11 scottish national party
      5 ulster unionist
      1 independent
      1 united ulster unionist
      1 democratic unionist

      No vote totals:
      287 labour
      16 labour co-operative
      3 plaid cymru
      2 ulster unionist
      2 Scottish labour

      As you can see, your 34 Labour MPs did NOT rebel against their party and help bring down Callaghan’s government.

      You are a liar and an SNP sheep. Bleat for us, sheep!
      But you won’t, will you?
      You won’t admit that the SNP tabled the motion of no confidence that led to the downfall of the Labour government in 1979, and the rise of Thatcherism.
      You won’t admit that you were wrong in your claim about 34 Labour MPs.
      You won’t admit you were wrong in your comment here.
      Someone must have pulled the wool over your eyes!

  8. Richard McHarg

    This article?

    Ha ha ha ha [Mike here: I’ve edited a load of these out. You get the idea] ha!

    Phew, it’s the way you tell them!

    I’ll continue to get my political analysis from Wings Over Scotland.

  9. Paul Fraser

    It is quiet stunning when the Tory lib Labour coalition were basing SNP it was ok, when Labour voted for the Tory cuts, it was ok, when Labour voted wit the Tories to renew trident, it was

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      What Tory Lib Labour coalition was that, then? The nonexistant one in the mind of supporters of other parties (notably UKIP and the SNP. Interesting, that)?
      Labour never voted for the Tory cuts.
      The Trident renewal vote hasn’t happened yet (if I recall correctly).

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