‘Posh’ Tory councillors to give themselves a 17% pay rise – Mirror Online

What were we saying about Tories and inequality?

Councillors in one of the poshest parts of the country – which includes David Cameron’s home village – are to give themselves a pay rise of nearly 17%, sparking fury among workers and unions.

Tory-controlled West Berkshire council will vote tomorrow on proposals to increase the amount it pays councillors in allowances by 16.5%.

It comes just days after Tory council chiefs begged George Osborne not to impose more brutal cuts on local authorities, which would severely hit public services.

Source: ‘Posh’ Tory councillors to give themselves a 17% pay rise – Mirror Online

8 thoughts on “‘Posh’ Tory councillors to give themselves a 17% pay rise – Mirror Online

  1. aussieeh

    Come the day, when we the British public being the employers of these cretins get to set their pay, and pay increases, along with their expenses. Just like how employers in the real world set their employees rates.

  2. Steve Grant

    Surely this is the best place to start cuts if you have to save money?The layers of local government are a waste of resources in this day and age….

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Are you saying those Tory councillors should take a pay cut? I’m sure their constituents would agree with that.

  3. Pete B

    Talking of Tory Councillors.Remember the Tory Councillor that wanted disabled children Guillotined.

    A Tory deputy mayor has sparked outrage by calling for disabled kids to be guillotined to avoid wasting cash on their care.

    Retired GP Owen Lister made his sick suggestion to fellow councillors as they discussed sending the youngsters to a £3,000-a-week care home.

    Mr Lister, 79, told them: “I would guillotine them.”

    He has now quit as deputy mayor but yesterday stood by his outburst.

    He said: “I indicated at that point that perhaps the guillotine might be better. These are children you can’t educate.



    But compare then to Nazi’s and they throw Godwins law at you.If you think they can stop peoples benefits and leave them with no money,what is the next logical step.

    I would not mind betting in the not so distant future that those on benefits should go to the back of waiting lists so that “Hard Working”people can get the treatment they need.Or those on benefits should not get treatment because they are useless eaters.

    In Germany in 1933 people were not being gassed,it takes small steps.Demonise through propaganda,don’t feed,vilify,you get there in the end.

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