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Around a third of respondents think that Labour under Ed Miliband was too left wing and 40% thought the new leader should move Labour more to the centre.

This should be a surprising result, as Labour’s manifesto was not remotely left-wing, promising to continue austerity and talking tough on immigration and social security.

To me though it shows the power of framing, and how media presentation can feed through to public perceptions. Constant reinforcement of ‘Red Ed’ and labelling certain policies as ‘commu

Source: Labour were too left-wing? | alittleecon

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  1. Steve Grant

    Not to left wing but very frightened of what the unions might say….time to move on I say..if the Unions want to back somebody else…then let them.
    It’s now 2015 and the old ways of Labour Party are no longer acceptable to the general public…The voters have moved on and want the Labour Party to move on with them …or perish.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      No – not frightened of the unions.
      My opinion is that the general public want Labour to reform around a unifying theme; as I stated in a previous article, I think that theme should be of enabling people to live a full, productive and prosperous life – set against the Conservative theme, which is of restricting people from achieving these things.

  2. Mr.Angry

    I remain stunned and still in a state of shock, five protests since the 8th May and more planned, I think many albeit a minority will be sorry in voting for the Tories.

    We are all in for a rough ride apart from the protected elite and wealthy.

    I only wish Ed had leaned more to the left would have inspired more confidence in me before giving my vote.

  3. philcovers

    I prefer NOT to think about Left Wing, Right Wing & Centre ground! I think of PEOPLE and the enviroment.
    Anyone who thought Labout were being too Left Wing (Under the old ways) are just being ignorant. Even under Ed Miliband it was quite a bit right wing, not far off the old Tories. Tories & LD & Labour are all Right Wing parties (If you MUST use that outdated way of saying things) Many Labour Party members are though Left Wing, but the party was not.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      That’s pretty much it. The leadership was of the right, the membership was of the left.
      Now we need a simple, unifying message. It’s clear to me that this should be about bringing back the freedoms that the Tories have closed off over the last 36 years.

  4. Rupert Mitchell (@rupert_rrl)

    I agree with you Mike. Successful business owners should be encouraged and assisted but not at the expense of sacrificing their workforce and the less privileged in society.

    A country has to be run of the receipts from taxation and those at the top should be pleased to be where they are and accept that it is their moral duty to pay their fair share towards helping those who are not so successful but most important of all to have compassion and a desire to help the disabled.

    We know that this is very seldom the case as greed is a human failing and that is why we need a government CAPABLE and INTENT on making FAIR judgments for running the country for the benefit of ALL and not one which only thinks of keeping its own in luxury and unfair benefits.

    The DWP is an example of how those at the top (financially) have so little regard for those in need of assistance and it is because of this that we must retain the European Court of Human Rights.

  5. Jeffery Davies

    Hum ifs still not getting through to the little tory party most labour supporter’s wanted this party to return to its roots but cant because greed got in the way brought about by blair hes destroyed this party it doesnt matter they themselves cant and wont return to a labour party if you think ed was left then your brains wonky ed left nah but they make out he was his fault they lost please please please have a good look around even try the neath ferret letters page the same story told they disguised with this party but now we have the unions talking of leaving untill that day were we have real people who aint greedie and put back justice and welfare for all untill that day jeff3

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