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Gollum in a gown.

Soon it will be time to kiss goodbye to…

  • The right to life – protects your life, by law. The state is required to investigate suspicious deaths and deaths in custody;
  • The prohibition of torture and inhuman treatment – you should never be tortured or treated in an inhuman or degrading way, no matter what the situation;
  • Protection against slavery and forced labour – you should not be treated like a slave or subjected to forced labour;
  • The right to liberty and freedom – you have the right to be free and the state can only imprison you with very good reason – for example, if you are convicted of a crime;
  • The right to a fair trial and no punishment without law – you are innocent until proven guilty. If accused of a crime, you have the right to hear the evidence against you, in a court of law;
  • Respect for privacy and family life and the right to marry – protects against unnecessary surveillance or intrusion into your life. You have the right to marry and raise a family;
  • Freedom of thought, religion and belief – you can believe what you like and practise your religion or beliefs;
  • Free speech and peaceful protest – you have a right to speak freely and join with others peacefully, to express your views;
  • No discrimination – everyone’s rights are equal. You should not be treated unfairly – because, for example, of your gender, race, sexuality, religion or age;
  • Protection of property, the right to an education and the right to free elections – protects against state interference with your possessions; means that no child can be denied an education and that elections must be free and fair.

Justice secretary sworn in at Royal Courts of Justice in presence of senior judges

Source: Michael Gove sworn in as lord chancellor | Politics | The Guardian

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  1. NMac

    The only thing this poisonous character knows about the law is how to embezzle parliamentary expenses.

  2. Mr.Angry

    I always knew he was a cross dresser, what a wally. Could anyone take this man? seriously?

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