This is her mother’s Facebook post:

Todays result …..child of 4 years old ! (mine ) who has Di George Syndrome , Cerebral palsy in all limbs with spactsity of movement, High Tone in all limbs , and Hypermobilty Syndrome in all limbs, wears leg splints , cant walk on her own , legs give way , cant even do steps yet so HAS to be carried …(low immune system , unsafe swollow , possible v.p.i lack of speech , dismortility of the whole digestive system , needs meds just so she can poo etc … had Open Heart Surgery at 14 days old as she couldnt live any longer without it …ETC ETC) …legs already seen by surgeons , nothing they can do possible for her ever , but she can have a wheelchair ……..has been STRIPPED of all her mobilty payments as from TODAY and put down to lower rate care ……So tell me whos DISCUSTED as i am right now ….now wheres the press ??? they are needed ! xxxx

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Source: Severely Disabled 4 Year Old Has Benefits Reduced To Lower Rate Care | Same Difference