This is how the Tories intend to get around the Minimum Wage.

So Boris Johnson’s call for the Living Wage to be spread across the UK is an empty gesture.

Of course, most of the UK wouldn’t understand what this means; they would only see a drop in official unemployment figures and be fooled into thinking the Tories are doing a good job.

See how insidious this is?

And The Independent – the newspaper reporting this – supported the Tories in the election and therefore wanted this to happen!

Labour must stand up in opposition to this travesty – if it goes ahead, this means pointing out the failures of the unemployment figures for the rest of the Conservatives’ time in government.

David Cameron’s plan to force young people to work for benefits would see them working 30 hours a week for a fraction of the minimum wage, it emerged today.

The proposals would put young adults who have been out of work, education or training for six months (“neets”) into compulsory community work such as making meals for the elderly or joining local charities.

Under the scheme, Jobseekers’ Allowance would be abolished for 18 to 21-year-olds and replaced with the already announced “Youth Allowance” of the same amount – £57.35 a week, or £1.91 per hour of work.

The Prime Minister claimed that the programme would “effectively abolish long-term youth unemployment”.

Source: David Cameron wants young people to work 30 hours a week for benefits in new Tory plan – General Election 2015 – UK Politics – The Independent