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Let’s just put this down as a place marker for now.

The DWP has 14 calendar days left in which to get me the statistics showing how many people have died while claiming Employment and Support Allowance under varying circumstances, by the way.

One in five benefit claimants whose deaths were subject to official reviews had been sanctioned by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), it has been revealed.

In response to a freedom of information request from Anita Bellows, a researcher with Disabled People Against Cuts, the DWP admitted that of the 49 peer reviews carried out into benefit claimant deaths, 10 had received a sanction “at some point in their claim”.

Ms Bellows told the Disability News Service: “Because DWP is refusing to publish these peer reviews, the only thing we can [assume] from their response is that one in five [of the] benefit claimants who committed suicide had sanctions recorded at some point in their claim.“

Although suicides cannot be attributed to a single cause or factor, it is right to question the role played by sanctions in these suicides, as they are under direct control of the secretary of state, who has the power to stop them immediately if they are proved to be a significant factor in claimants’ deaths.

Source: DWP reveals sanctions link to one in five benefit claimant deaths » Central Government » 24dash.com

10 thoughts on “DWP reveals sanctions link to one in five benefit claimant deaths » Central Government » 24dash.com

  1. Florence

    The real interest is if any of the 49 were NOT in some way being bullied by the DWP. Of those who hadn’t been sanctioned, how many were caught in the system moving them towards sanction or loss of benefit? Those in the WCA / PIP queue? Or those who were being threatened with Workfare?

    1. Florence

      Chris, if you don’t mind me saying, that’s just a bit too creepy. Perhaps because it reminds me of the workplace threats that I used to get as a whistle blower.

      1. Phil Lee

        IDS is far more creepy than a mere employer, and will be until the International Criminal Court deals with his case properly on the information they are already examining.
        Only way to deal with the scummy sod – jail the bastard, and all who back him. The evidence is clear enough, even from his own department (10,000 additional deaths on benefit in the remainder of the year that he introduced his arbitrary targets for kicking people off benefit, to say nothing of the deaths among those who’d been wrongly refused any benefit – which they conveniently don’t record. IDS seems to have been working hard to block any more figures being released, after the DWP released the first lot) THAT is how they get the cuts in cost – by culling the needy. And he needs to be locked up for life, along with his supporters (yes, if you are a tory MP, or even member, that’s you!).

      2. Florence

        “Chris” has chosen not to reply.

        Whatever you say about IDS, agreed. That does not invalidate my remarks about threats directed at Mike, does it. Phil?

  2. Mr.Angry

    I truly believe IDS will ignore the information commissioners rulings, he appears not to be answerable to anyone, he is just a pig headed dangerous ignorant bully of the highest rank.

    Will count the days and hold my breath good luck Mike, hope all your concerted efforts come to fruition.

  3. rupertrlmitchell

    The DWP is not fit for its purpose unless it involves medically qualified personnel to examine claimants with any sort of disability or illness. Furthermore a claimant’s doctor is the only person who is really able to truthfully supply medical and psychological information. If the DWP is unwilling to accept the advice of a claimant’s medical practitioner then they are totally biased against that claimant and any judgment is likely to be inaccurate; it is also an insult to our medical practitioners. .

  4. Pete B

    It is beyond negligence what the DWP is doing.Many more will suffer in these coming years.Particularly the young who seem to be in Camerons sights.

    The trouble is,if they keep pushing,even a worm will turn in the end, as my Mother used to say. And no I am not calling the young worms, what I am saying is to every action there is a reaction.

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