The saddest part of this is that, instead of working out how she can still get a good deal out of this, Nicola Sturgeon is probably taking notes.

She won’t be getting another independence referendum unless David Cameron wants one, so that’s an empty threat too.

“They didn’t give Orkney and Shetland an opt-out, or the Borders an opt out [during the Scottish independence referendum] so this is a UK pledge, it will be delivered for the UK,” [he said].

Mr Cameron’s assertion is a rejection of calls from Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon, says she wants a “lock” to be put on Britain’s EU exit.

Under such an arrangement, England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland would all have to vote to leave the European Union for the UK to quit the block.

Ms Sturgeon has said a situation where the UK left the European Union against Scotland’s wishes could lead to another independence referendum.

Source: Scotland may have to leave the EU even if it votes to stay in, David Cameron confirms – UK Politics – UK – The Independent