This is required reading.

The current calls for Labour to jettison the ‘leftwing’ policies on which it allegedly fought the election in favour of the more ‘centrist’ and City-oriented policies it allegedly had under Blair are not just all too predictable, they are also silly and unthinking.

What Labour really needs is a strategic debate about what progressive politics is and what can be achieved within a modern economy.

This will take time, but above all it needs a willingness to address difficult questions.

Many of us have long thought that Labour made a crucial mistake in allowing the Coalition to embed their myths about the economic crisis into the public consciousness.

It should have had a rebuttal unit in place throughout the long leadership election in 2010.

But that mistake cannot now be rectified by confessing to economic policy errors which did not exist, and Labour will do itself no favours by agreeing with even a small part of the Coalition’s fairy stories.

Source: Tax Research UK » Labour needs to work out what a progressive party can and cannot achieve