The 23 most terrifying things in the Tory manifesto

Oh… my… word.

Read this article, folks – it will widen your eyes in more ways than one.

Did you have time to read the Tory manifesto in full before they snatched a majority from the jaws of constitutional chaos? No? Well, I’ve had a little read through, and here are some of the most unsettling proposals:

Source: The 23 most terrifying things in the Tory manifesto

3 thoughts on “The 23 most terrifying things in the Tory manifesto

  1. Chris

    …Arbitrary insistence on fluent English
    “We will legislate to ensure that every public sector worker operating in a customer-facing role must speak fluent English.”

    How? Why?

    English is the world language that the world talks to each other.

    We have hundreds if not thousands of languages in the UK, and they are proud to speak English and learn to speak it so everyone can understand how they pronounce.

    Each language cannot comprehend English spoken with another’s ;language accent.

    That is why standard pronunciation helps.

    English is used for the many tribes of South Africa and languages in India to talk with each other, so that is why they have national newspapers in English.

    Being half foreign, I actually find you saying this is ‘terrifying’ a bit insulting.

    But being half English, I do comprehend this is terrifying, because the English and Celt, an island people, do not comprehend the world’s ability to speak many different languages and say them right.

    That’s just us. We are not the world. That is our culture alone.

    The rest of the world is not like the English and Celt.

  2. Joan Edington

    I did scan the manifesto but this is an excellent article. It translates Tory-speak into English understood by most people. It’s just a pity more of the folk who need to know don’t read The New Statesman.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I’m thinking of doing a series of infographics, if it translates well into that format.

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